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Healthy Fleet Challenge: March results

TORONTO, Ont. – It may be April 1, but it’s no joke: The Healthy Fleet Challenge has ended its second leg of the competition and is taking a month-long rest in April.

As expected, the challenge was a success and the leaderboard saw a different Top 5 almost every week. A new record was also set as more than 135 million steps were taken during the entire month, which equals almost 70,000 miles. That’s more than 4 million steps taken by competitors per day, In total, participants in the challenge this month burned a total of 6.2 million calories.

In first place this month is Challenger Motor Freight. They were also the first place winners for January, and this month the six-person team had an average monthly step total of 16,758. Not far behind and in second, is TST Solutions L.P. The nine-person team had an average monthly step count of 16, 410. In third is Dynamic Transport. The three-person group had a team average of 12,110 steps. In fourth is Coastal Pacific Xpress. The 13-person team had a team average of 11,388 steps for the month. And rounding out the Top 5 is AAA Cooper Transportation. The three-person team walked an average of 10,737 steps for the month.

On an individual level, Donna Baird of Challenger took the top spot again this month. She walked more than 1 million steps this month. In second is Christine Sokolowski of Canada Cartage, who walked 938,124 steps. In third is Jim O’Neil of Quik X. He walked a total of 847,455 steps. In fourth place is Ralph Garcia of ABF Freight who walked 792, 118 steps. And rounding out the top 5 participants is Chris Foster of Transport America. He walked 737,195 steps during the month of March.

Even though the step challenge is taking a break, representatives at Healthy Trucker want competitors to focus on other areas of wellness as they did in February. Each week, there will be four mini challenges to keep participants motivated.

“In April we want to put more focus again on education and accountability,” said Melodie Champion, nutritionist, health coach and Healthy Trucker representative. “We are asking people to challenge a buddy, who might be a spouse, family member, co-worker. We want them to post pictures on social media showing us how they are completing the challenges.”

Melodie said the first week’s challenge is to try a new healthy food.

“Why not challenge yourself and your buddy to try kale in a smoothie, strange looking fruit such as dragon fruit or quinoa instead of rice?” she said. “We want to see what you are up to. Post pictures with the hashtag #healthytrucker.  At the end of April we will award one participant with a Healthy Trucker prize package.”

To keep up with the mini challenges this month, stay tuned to the Healthy Trucker newsletter and Healthy Trucker Blog and Twitter page.

The next step challenge begins May 1 and ends May 31 at midnight. To join the challenge send an email to so you can get stepping too.

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