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Last leg of Healthy Fleet Challenge begins May 1

TORONTO, Ont. – The final leg of the five-month Healthy Fleet Challenge is only a few short days away. So, for participants who joined the contest from the get-go and enjoyed April’s month-long break, it’s time to pull your sneakers out of the closet and get stepping on Friday, May 1.

To date, Healthy Trucker says there are more than 65 fleets, associations and allied trades that are stepping it up in this month’s challenge. But Healthy Trucker, along with the American Trucking Associations and Transportation Media are calling on all other carriers and allied trades to form a team.

“There is no cost to form a team for the challenge,” said Glenn Caldwell, vice-president of corporate development, Healthy Trucker. “The only cost (which is really just an investment in their health) for team members is to purchase the Fitbit device (wearable technology- devices range from $69-$249).

“Many fleets are now also sharing in some of the cost of the device. In fact, Meyer’s Transport recently posted on Facebook that they would invite all drivers and staff to join and they would cover up to $50 of any Fitbit.”

Once you form your team and your members are equipped with their Fitbits or Moves application, you can track your progress with the online leader board and go head-to-head with other fleets.

“We go by the team overall average so it doesn’t matter if you have three or 43 participants,” said Caldwell. “Our goal is to help improve the overall health of drivers and staff in the trucking industry.”

Caldwell added that he has been surprised at all the feedback received from fleets who have participated in the challenge that began back in January.

“I’ve been amazed at some of the reports that we have received back from the fleets participating,” he said. “The idea of the challenge was just to create more awareness to the importance of becoming more active by there are a many reports back about the significant weight loss a number of participants have experienced so far.”

To join the challenge, contact the people at Healthy Trucker at

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