Marine Atlantic cancels ferry service thanks to severe weather

by Truck News

ST JOHN’S, Nfld. — Marine Atlantic has closed its ferry service for the fourth day in a row on both sides of the Cabot Strait, according to a report by the CBC.

So far, the ferry service has nixed 166 scheduled runs since April 1, 2018 — six more than the same time last year.

CBC said that spokesman of Marine Atlantic,  Darrell Mercer the ferry service has never had to deal with such severe weather.

“Usually, a storm system would be fairly quick moving. It would come in, disrupt a sailing or two and move on,” he said to the news outlet. “But these systems right now are stationary, they are staying for longer periods of time and they are causing us a lot of headaches.”

The ferry service is essential for getting food and more onto the island. Mercer added that there are about 200 shipping units on the Nova Scotia side waiting to go to Newfoundland, and 130 more stranded on the other side.

You can read more on the CBC website, here.


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