Minister Leitch applauds Nova Scotia trucking industry for commitment to safety

by Truck News

HALIFAX, N.S. – Kellie Leitch, Minister of Labour and Minister of Status of Women, today applauded Atlantic Tiltload Limited, a member of the Nova Scotia Trucking Safety Association, for its (and the province’s) commitment to workplace safety and health.

Leitch made the trip to meet with the company, as well as executive director of Nova Scotia Trucking Safety Association, Linda Corkum where they discussed safety, leadership, workplace mental health and increasing opportunities for women. Leitch also met with Atlantic Tiltload’s employees and challenged them to work with their employers to create a community of health and well-being.

“Promoting employment equity and workplace health and safety—including mental wellness—is a shared responsibility,” said Leitch. “Everyone has a role to play. That’s why we work with provincial and territorial representatives, and employer and employee organizations, to continue finding ways to make workplaces more inclusive and to prevent workplace injuries and illnesses.”

It is estimated that more than 60% of Canadian with mental health problems say they are hesitant to seek help because they are scared of being stigmatized.

“Our people are our most valuable resource and keeping them injury-free is our number one goal,” added Corkum. “We coordinate health and safety programs specific to our members and their employees to help reduce the toll of workplace injuries. With the shortage of workers in our industry, workplace safety is a priority for us. We are very fortunate to have excellent partnerships with industry, other organizations, and government to help us achieve our goal. It pays to be safe!”

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