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Monopol introduces new basecoat system

CHICAGO, Ill. -- The French company MONOPOL has launched Cromatic Plus, a new basecoat system designed for bodywork...

CHICAGO, Ill. — The French company MONOPOL has launched Cromatic Plus, a new basecoat system designed for bodywork, general industry and corrosion prevention.

While the original Cromatic system consists of 23 opaque basecoats, including four metallic shades, Cromatic Plus includes three lead-free, fourteen pearly and seven transparent basecoats. The broad range of binders in the system (more than thirty) and its versatility make it suitable for all 1K and 2K finishes. Easy to use, CROMATIC PLUS can turn a distribution outlet into a fully independent paint production facility, say company officials.

The Monopol company has seventy years of experience in the production of industrial paint. Producing more than 5,000 tons of paint in 2002 and successfully developing exports, MONOPOL is one of the leading French manufacturers of paint on the market today. The company has two production facilities, five warehouses and nearly 270,000 sq. ft. of production storage space.

Its main applications include automotive bodywork, decoration, and the building, marine and aeronautics industries. Monopol also specializes in anti-corrosion paint and special coatings. In addition to CROMATIC PLUS, the company offers three complementary systems: 905, Glass and ColorFiba.

System 905 is intended particularly for industrial bodywork and commercial vehicles such as trucks, cabs, and buses, as well as public works equipment and the petroleum industry. A 2K system with a high solid content (HS), it consists of 23 basic shades including two metallic ones. The 905 meets European environmental standards because it has a very low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) content (under 15 ounces per quart).

System Verre (Glass) has been specially designed for bottle and flacon coatings for the cosmetics and food industries. It consists of a 2K system of base pigments and coloring solutions formulated without heavy metals, and can be used for all opaque and clear shades. The line is enriched with a 1K waterbased topcoat (polyurethane or epoxy).

System ColorFiba is a colorimetric system of sixteen pigments (lead-free available) designed for the building trade. It dyes all types of waterbased or solvent-based decorative paint and textured coverings. Local production is possible.

In addition to these systems, MONOPOL offers a wide range of finishes, washes, primers and special coatings. Equipment and tools are also available, including manual or automatic paint mixing machines, spectrophotocolorimeters, a 3,000-shade color chart, formulas (BS, NCS, RAL, etc.), intelligent scales, and management and formulation software (over 7,000 formulas).

The Monopol company is currently seeking manufacturers and/or distributor partners in both the United States and Canada. Marketing can be performed either under the MONOPOL brand with marketing support or under the distributor/partner’s brand. Certain products can be manufactured on a partnership basis. The company will exhibit at the EQUIP’AUTO international tradeshow in Paris, October 16-21, 2003.

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