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New clean diesel technology results in fewer emissions

WASHINGTON, D.C. —  The introduction of more advanced diesel truck engines, innovative emissions control systems, and cleaner diesel fuel over the past decade have resulted in major improvements in air quality and fuel efficiency, according to new research compiled by The Martec Group, for the Diesel Technology Forum.

According to the data, the four million cleaner heavy-duty diesels introduced from 2007 through 2015 have saved US consumers:

•      29 million tonnes of CO2

•      7.5 million tonnes of NOx

•      218,000 tonnes of Particulate Matter (PM)

•      2.9 billion gallons of diesel

•      69 million barrels of crude oil

“It is clear from these findings that the new generation of clean diesel technology is delivering large and expanding benefits to society in the form of fewer emissions and lower fuel consumption.  The reductions from the 2007 and newer trucks on the road today are equivalent to removing the CO2 emissions from 6.1 million light-duty cars from the road for one year, removing the NOx emissions from all light-duty cars for two years, and removing the particulate matter from all light-duty cars for six years,” said Allen Schaeffer, executive director of the Diesel Technology Forum.

Schaeffer added 42% of all medium and heavy-duty diesel commercial trucks (Classes 3-8) in operation in the United States – four million of 9.5 million diesel trucks – were now equipped with newer technology clean diesel engines; up from 38 percent last year.  For Class 8 trucks running the newest generation (2010 and newer) engines, the new technology saved truckers $2,400 a year in fuel costs by using 875 fewer gallons of fuel (based on 125,000 miles traveled).

“As the world’s attention is now focused on meeting future international climate commitments, it is important to recognize the fuels and technologies that are delivering proven benefits here and now in communities all across America, because technologies like clean diesel will also be vital to achieving those future goals as well,” Schaeffer said.

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2 Comments » for New clean diesel technology results in fewer emissions
  1. Chris Schmidt says:

    I find it difficult to believe the statement that the newer ‘clean’ engines are burning less fuel?????
    None of the engines I have purchased since 2007 have saved me anything in fuel costs-actually the fleets mpg has gone down considerably. This latest study obviously does not take into account the coolant that these new ‘clean’ engines seem to consume, the cost of DEF, and the environmental impact of the empty DEF containers littering our roadsides. Might look good in the general public’s eyes, but those of us within the industry know the real story. And dont even get me started on reduced reliability…..

  2. Shawn says:

    Total bull. My DD15 uses just over 4 gallons of fuel with every parked regen.
    Yesterday the dealer had to do a 5 hour forced regen due to DOC face
    plugging. I checked my fuel. It used over 30 gallons and melted air
    lines and wiring that I had to repair.

    I’ve been going through countless sensors, and yet still getting the
    same MPG my 1988 Mack’s got.

    And where does all the extra DEF fluid capacity on the market come
    from, and the jugs and barrels and totes they put it in?
    Oh, I guess additional factories don’t cause pollution.
    And where do all the empty jugs go. No pollution there either eh?

    Nothing more than government propaganda, and technologies that don’t
    work and they will not admit they were wrong and that it doesn’t work.
    Feel free to be a fool and believe all the marketing hype to buy this junk.

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