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NHTSA study validates safety benefits of electronic stability systems

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Bendix is applauding the results of a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration ...

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Bendix is applauding the results of a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) study that found electronic stability systems have the potential to save lives.


The report found that electronic stability can reduce the annual number of heavy truck crashes in the US by 4,659 accidents, preventing 5,909 injuries and 126 deaths. It also estimated that if all trucks in the US had electronic stability control systems, societal costs would be reduced by US$1.74 billion.


“More and more fleets are recognizing full-stability technology as a valuable option for helping to mitigate accidents and improve their safety records,” said Joe McAleese, Bendix president and CEO.


The study was conducted for the NHTSA by the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute. It compared full electronic stability performance to that of roll stability and found that full stability systems result in 34% fewer crashes than roll stability, 19% fewer fatalities, 35% fewer injuries and provide a 19% greater economic savings than roll-only stability systems.


“This report reinforces what Bendix has been communicating over the last few years – that ESC/ESP technology, or full-stability, is the robust choice which helps mitigate more heavy truck rollover and loss of control situations versus roll-only technology,” said McAleese. “In the long run, ESP will help save more lives, reduce more accidents, and save fleets more money than RSC technology.”


The full report, ‘Safety Benefits of Stability Control Systems for Tractor-Semitrailers’ is available on the NHTSA Web site at

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