No Speed Limiters for B.C., says Truckers Guild

VANCOUVER — Larry Hall, president of the North American Truckers Guild (NATG), said that the Guild has been notified by B.C. Minister of Transportation that the province will not be legislating speed limiters.

" Please be assured British Columbia is not planning to legislate the mandatory use of speed limiters," Lekstrom wrote to the Guild.

"An estimated 43 percent of commercial vehicles operating within our province already have their speed managed voluntarily through speed limiters," the letter continues. "As well, Transport Canada has determined that the mountainous topography of our province contributes to 97.2 percent of heavy trucks operating at speeds less than 105 km/h, compared to 40 to 70 percent for other provinces."

Lekstrom also pointed to the New West Partnership Trade Agreement that aims to remove trade, investment and labour mobility barriers between the three provinces. Any regulatory changes needs to be considered within the context of the Agreement, Lekstrom said.

"As I read this," wrote Hall in an email, "it would seem unlikely that Alberta or Saskatchewan would be taking part in any speed limiter mandate either."

Hall said that he is proud of the NATG’s members. "There have been many lessons learned about the power of organization and what can be managed through teamwork."

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