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OBAC calls on truckers to demand more rest areas

OTTAWA, Ont. -- The Owner-Operators' Business Association of Canada (OBAC) is appealing to truckers to help lobby f...

OTTAWA, Ont. — The Owner-Operators’ Business Association of Canada (OBAC) is appealing to truckers to help lobby for more rest areas on Canadian highways.

The O/O association says the lack of safe and accessible rest stops and pull-over areas for truckers is a huge concern, especially with the impending new Hours of Service regulations. OBAC has developed a mail-back coupon truckers can send in to help raise awareness of this issue.

The association is also calling on other stakeholders to take part in the campaign.

"As a beginning, I’m trying to determine if any of the millions of dollars that have been spent over the years in research, studies, and reports, both on Hours of Service and highway infrastructure planning, have specifically addressed the question of adequate and safe rest stops or pullover areas for trucks," says OBAC executive director, Joanne Ritchie.

She notes that Transport Canada’s highways, safety and motor carrier policy directorates believe that hasn’t been the case and CCMTA is "checking."

"We don’t have all the answers, and solutions are likely to be costly, complex, and multi-jurisdictional, but OBAC is willing to work co-operatively with all concerned to move this issue forward. Your insight, input, and on-going support is greatly appreciated," Ritchie adds.

For more information, call OBAC at 1-613-237-6222 or toll-free at 888-794-9990.

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