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Ontario scraps Drive Clean, plans to focus on trucks

TORONTO, Ont. — Ontario scrapped the Drive Clean passenger vehicle program last week.

Starting April 1,2019, drivers will no longer need to get Drive Clean emissions test for their passenger vehicles. The government of Ontario says this move is avoiding taxpayers costs up to $40 million a year.

In lieu of Drive Clean, a new program that will focus on the biggest polluting vehicles like commercial transport trucks will be put place.

The provincial government also said the reason behind this cancellation was that ” auto industry standards have significantly improved since the program was created in 1999 making this program no longer necessary.”

Owners of vehicles will still be required to make sure their vehicle emissions systems are operating properly. The ministry added that it will be strengthening its on-road inspections to ensure owners are properly maintaining their vehicle emissions.


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3 Comments » for Ontario scraps Drive Clean, plans to focus on trucks
  1. The MOE has finally taken the delete and tampering market seriously.
    The proliferation of the tampering and emissions system delete market in Ontario and the rest of North America is out of control. Expect lots of enforcement activity for all diesel trucks moving forward in Ontario at least.

  2. Richard Thibault says:

    The question now is, will they drop the price of automobile license plates? They raised the price of license plates to pay for the cost of the e-test. Now that e-tests are no longer required what happens to the money we were charged? In their pockets?

  3. Barry Kirby says:

    I agree with Derrick Flynn. It is my experience that the diesel pickup market is one of the most emissions tampering markets. Wonder what is happening here.

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