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PMTC welcomes new eManifest rule

OAKVILLE, Ont. – The Private Motor Truck Council of Canada (PMTC) announced today that it is welcoming of the new eManifest initiative – published yesterday in Canada Gazette Part II.

The initiative mandates the eManifest requirements, meaning carriers that transport goods into Canada must electronically transmit cargo and conveyance data to CBSA. This data must be received at least one hour before the shipment arrives at the border.

A transition period without penalties will apply until July 10.

“Most of our members were already complying with the eManifest requirements, and voluntary trials have proven that eManifests expedite clearance at the border,” said Mike Millian, president of PMTC. “The 45-day compliance window and zero-rated, six-month Administrative Monetary Penalty System (AMPS) period will allow everyone enough time to ensure they comply and avoid monetary penalties.”

The PMTC said there are still questions to be answered, though.

“We were also hoping to see some operational guidance in the announcement itself, or in the form of a Customs Notice, to address the cumbersome process that requires an eManifest to be filed for empty vehicles entering Canada,” Millian said. “It can be a challenge if drivers are barely an hour from the border when they are told to return without a load.”

“Without specific and direct guidance about empty vehicles, there is bound to be extra processing costs or delays at the border as we move toward mandatory ACI filings,” Millian added. “The PMTC and its partners will continue to work on behalf of private fleets to ensure this issue is resolved.”

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