Satellite capabilities can be a game changer for your fleet

by Omnitracs

It’s a situation many truck drivers have found themselves in: You’re in the middle of nowhere, eager to have a productive workday, when — BAM — you lose cellular connection. Given that cellular networks are far stronger in more densely populated areas, it’s no mystery why this connection conundrum is one many truck drivers find themselves in on a regular basis.

While common, it is still incredibly frustrating and can greatly impact a driver’s workday. Driving a large truck in a seemingly isolated area with little connection can delay customer deliveries, increase driver stress, and even subject them to perilous conditions if they end up having to blindly navigate in a non truck-friendly area.

Fleet operators can solve all this and more with satellite capabilities — a modern-day, essential feature that helps:

Different fleets. When it comes to satellite capabilities, no fleet size is off the table. This is particularly advantageous to trucking companies and industries with varied fleet sizes. Fleet operators can also choose to utilize satellite capabilities on the trucks they know are susceptible to out-of-network deliveries, while leaving only cellular capabilities on trucks that remain in more populated and connected areas.

Particular industries. While many can benefit from satellite functionalities, certain sectors that have trucks spending a great deal of time away from strongly-signaled population centers can especially benefit. Mining, oil, and agricultural industries are just a few with particularly isolated destination areas.

Deliver enhanced customer satisfaction. Customers utilizing satellite capability features through their telematics devices have already reported stronger communication. This is especially beneficial when it comes to driver and customer satisfaction, as stronger operational and driver control can improve the driver experience and provide higher quality service to customers.

With the Omnitracs Intelligent Vehicle Gateway (IVG), drivers can utilize satellite capabilities, in and out of network. Empower your fleet by visiting our IVG page today.

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