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Survey suggests many Canadians would like to ban hands-free cells as well

TORONTO, Ont. -- Many Canadians feel cell phone bans for drivers should be extended to include hands-free...

TORONTO, Ont. — Many Canadians feel cell phone bans for drivers should be extended to include hands-free devices, according to a recent survey by research group TNS Canadian Facts.


“Half of Canadians would support a more comprehensive ban, but the attitudes along generational lines are really striking. Older Canadians are far more supportive of a total ban than their younger, multi-tasking counterparts,” said Michael Ennamorato, executive vice-president of TNS Canadian Facts. “There are significant generational differences when it comes to the perceived safety of hands-free devices, and older Canadians are clearly skeptical when it comes to this issue.”


Fifty-eight per cent of respondents aged 50 and older felt there should be a total ban on cell phone use while driving while only 27% of respondents between the ages of 18 and 24 felt that way.


Forty-two per cent of respondents said they already own a hands-free option and 17% plan to purchase one while 39% said they will not acquire a hands-free phone or accessory.


The majority of respondents felt that compliance with cell phone bans will be low.


“Distracted driving began long before cell phones, Blackberries and GPS units were available to consumers, although the problem seems to be more acute today,” said Ennamorato.  “And there is a sense among Canadian drivers that motorists who cling to their hand-held electronic devices while at the wheel are not about to break their habit anytime soon, even when laws require them to do so.”

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