Total highlights rapid oil change at TRP open house

by Sonia Straface

BOLTON, Ont. – Got 15 minutes to spare?

Great. Then you can get an oil change without even leaving the comfort of your own cab.

That’s the concept of the new Total Rubia Lube Centre located at TRP Parts and Service center in Bolton.

The rapid oil change station at this location is Total’s first in North America. And in July it will celebrate it’s one-year anniversary along with TRP’s Bolton location.

Total chose this location for its first ever rapid oil change station strategically. Not only is the TRP center in the heart of the Greater Toronto Area, a central hub for trucking, but it is also a neighbor to Canadian Tire’s newest and largest warehouse in the continent.

“So there’s close to 1,000 trucks a day passing through this area, so the traffic here is really what made us decide to put [the rapid oil change] bay here,” Alice Sambath, marketing manager for Total Canada said.

You don’t even need to leave the cab for the oil change, she added. In fact, there’s even a TV mounted along the wall, so owner-operators or company drivers getting a quick oil change can watch the World Cup or anything else they fancy while they wait in their truck.

“The idea is for the driver to have a very quick oil change,” said Franck Bagouet, president of Total Canada. “Because for drivers, time is money. So that’s the concept that we want to roll out.”

According to Bagouet, the concept for Total is to have these quick oil change bays across Canada from east to west.

“It’s a concept we have in other countries — in Europe, South America, and Asia, so we want to bring it here to Canada, and North America,” he said adding that the next few locations will be opening in Ontario and Alberta.

TRP has an exclusive partnership with Total products and decided to showcase the rapid oil change during its open house on June 21.

“Today we’re celebrating two things,” Michael Aversa, marketing manager of Original Parts Warehouse said. “The first, being open for almost one full year, and two the relationship we have with Total. Having this partnership between us, it’s something that’s not in this area, and we want to show our customers that, and give back to this community.”

The open house included door prizes as well as a barbecue lunch and tours of the year-old facility.

Among attendees of the event was the Mayor of Caledon, Allan Thompson, who helped TRP and Total Canada present a $5,000  donation to the Volunteer MBC charity.

“We really wanted to give back to the community that has given us so much, and we really want to establish our roots here,” Aversa said.

If you’re in the area, TRP and Total are running a special promotion. The first 40 Class 8 trucks to get a rapid oil change will get 50% off oil.

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  • “Total highlights rapid oil change at TRP open house” ….

    This article has several issues with it.

    The biggest concerns come from false information being printed. For instance, drivers are NOT allowed to remain in the cab for safety reasons when doing an oil change. Although it is rapid, they cannot sit in the cab and “watch a game”…that’s what the TRP Truck Lounge is for. I would be shocked to hear that this article was proofed before submission.

    I am familiar with this truck facility and TRP is the larger Parts and Service centre that does incredible work! It’s a shame that this article focuses more on fluff than on the quality service TRP provides along with Total. It does not read well to those familiar with the industry.