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TransCore system combines biometrics and RFID to identify vehicles and drivers

HARRISBURG, Pa.-- TransCore has introduced a secure access control system that combines radio frequency identificat...

HARRISBURG, Pa.– TransCore has introduced a secure access control system that combines radio frequency identification (RFID) and biometrics to identify both vehicles and drivers from the vehicle lane as they attempt to enter a facility.

The system is wireless, and includes a keychain-attachable fingerprint biometric device that operates from within the vehicle.

TransCore’s SmartWatch SecurePass(TM) software utilizes data gathered from vehicle-mounted RFID transponders, and biometric devices, proximity cards, badges and other forms of identification. For initial testing with the U.S. military, TransCore combined its own RFID technology with the Privaris BPID(TM) Security Device, a wireless, handheld device that uses fingerprints to biometrically authenticate its user prior to releasing sensitive or confidential information. System pricing will depend on the configuration of particular installations, including the number of lanes, number of access and exit gates, number of vehicles and users registered in the system, and other factors, says the company.

In automated “assist” mode, SecurePass can identify pre-screened and registered vehicles and users and grant facility access without input from a guard, though guards may monitor all activity from a computer screen and incorporate override gates, alarms and lane controls if necessary, says the company. In this mode, the system continuously monitors arrivals, grants or denies access, opens and closes gates, and provides real-time activity data and a number of automatically generated reports.

For situations requiring higher security, “control” mode provides a Windows(R)-based user interface to help guards perform access inspections. When a registered user and vehicle approach, the system reads the vehicle’s RFID tag and recognizes the registered user after their successful biometric authentication. The system then displays pre-entered matching data on the guard’s computer monitor, such as vehicle information, the user’s photograph and status such as military rank, and more. The guard uses this information to perform a visual verification of the car and driver before granting or denying access.

TransCore claims the benefits are that higher-risk, non-registered drivers and vehicles are isolated from everyday authorized users to ensure a more thorough security check. Depending on the situation, TransCore’s system can be customized with a number of alarms and contingency actions to handle invalid RFID tags, failed biometric authentications, illegal entries, loitering in the lane, gate crashes, and other risk scenarios, says the company.

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