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Who is leading the Healthy Fleet Challenge this week?

TORONTO, Ont. – The last leg of the Healthy Fleet Challenge is nearing the halfway point and competitors have really been stepping it up this month.

After a month-long rest for April, participants laced up their sneakers and put their winter coats away to earn the top spot on the Healthy Fleet Leaderboard.

So far this month, competitors have walked more than 55 million steps. That equates to almost 28,000 miles and more than 2.5 million calories burned.

In first place, so far this month is TST Solutions L.P. They were the runners up for March, but this month the nine-person team stepped it up and walked an average of 16,240 steps a day. In second is Challenger Motor Freight. The nine-person team had an average monthly step count of 14,503. In third is Coastal Pacific Xpress. The 13-person group has a team average of 14,319 steps. In fourth is Meyers Transport. The 14-person team has a team average of 14,004 steps for the month. And rounding out the Top 5 is Dynamic Transport. The three-person team walked an average of 11,536 steps so far this month.

Keeping her first place spot on the individual level, is Donna Baird of Challenger. She’s walked a total of 339, 615 steps this month so far. In second is Inderjit Sandhu of Coastal Pacific Xpress, who walked 326,984 steps so far this month. In third is Sherri Hanley of Coastal Pacific Xpress. Sherri has walked a total of 318,191 steps so far in May. In fourth place is James Peters of Prime Inc who’s walked 300,067 steps in May so far. And rounding out the top 5 participants is Brent Bell of Meyers Transport. He walked 292,960 steps so far.

For those interested in keeping tabs on who’s in the lead,  Healthy Trucker representatives have added a new column and ranking system to the online leaderboard this month.

“We have updated the leaderboard with a new column, called Average Jan-Mar-May Steps,” said Andrea Morley, Nutritionist & Health Coach at Healthy Trucker. “When clicked twice, this column will show you the teams ranked in order averaged over the three challenge months. This allows us to see overall rankings over those three months as opposed to one month at a time. This will determine our winners for the entire 5 month challenge!”

To join the challenge send an email to so you can get stepping too.


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