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BREAKING: Celadon Canada buys Yanke

SASKATOON, Sask. -- Celadon Canada has purchased Yanke, in a blockbuster deal that sees Celadon accomplish its goal of creating a larger footprint in Canada.

SASKATOON, Sask. — Celadon Canada has purchased Yanke, in a blockbuster deal that sees Celadon accomplish its goal of creating a larger footprint in Canada.

Russel Marcoux, founder of Yanke Group, posted a message to the company’s drivers, indicating “The time has come for me to move on, and in keeping with the culture and values we created together at Yanke, it is important to me that the torch gets passed on to an organization that shares many of the same values and beliefs we all supported and practiced at Yanke.”

He went on to say “I am confident that Celadon Canada is a company that will continue to respect and value you as individuals rather than unit numbers and that you can expect open and honest communication and genuine concern for your well being, as you have become accustomed to at Yanke.”

He thanked drivers for their “loyalty, hard work” and “dedication” to the company.

Drew Shepherd, operations manager for Celadon Canada, said in a note: “Celadon Canada is honoured to take you on as a driver, and we are privileged to have Russel’s best wishes in working with you. As one of the TCA’s safest drivers, we are excited to maintain your employment and continue helping you and other Professional Transport Operators service existing customers across Canada and the United States.”

Shepherd said Yanke was a good fit for Celadon, as Marcoux was looking to retire and Yanke boasted a “great driver and customer base, offering growth to (Celadon’s) Canadian footprint.”

Yanke drivers will be retained by Celadon and it will be “business as usual.” Orientations for drivers will be held in Kitchener and Winnipeg over the next 60 days.

We first reported on Celadon’s aggressive plan for growth in Canada last year, in this exclusive interview with Celadon chairman Steve Russell. will have more information as it becomes available.

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17 Comments » for BREAKING: Celadon Canada buys Yanke
  1. Roger McIntosh says:

    It came as a bit of a surprise on friday morning to find out that yanke had been sold. I’ve been with them for almost 4 years noe and there eas never a word about a sale. In fact it was denied many times. I’m sure most drivers like my self are verynervous about this change as we have no time to prepare. Celadon will have their work cut out for them earning many of ours trust. But for my self…. I eill give them 3 months to show me if this change is for the better or the worse before I turn in my keys and seek my fortune (lol) everywhere

  2. John says:

    Hope they treat every one well and do not start cutting every were

  3. Drew Shepherd, Celadon Canada Ops Manager says:

    Hi Roger/John.

    We are eager to show you how much we’ve prepared for you. Driver income, operations, etc are all designed to help you maintain all the great pieces you enjoyed with Yanke, while also opening you up to new opportunities within our network.

    No doubt, in these next 90 days, we will cross many road bumps. Through this you will see how dedicated our team is to following through on every issue and creating an environment where drivers and customers alike are treated with the utmost respect and priority.

    Look forward to meeting you, and all the other drivers new to the Celadon Canada family!

  4. Annon says:

    Russel Marcoux, founder of Yanke Group, posted a message to the company

  5. Tess BOEHM says:

    I am very sorry to hear this news. I worked for Yanke for 5 years from 90 to 95 before heading to Regina for a new position with the Police Service. I still know some of the gals that work in the office, and this is a hard hit for anyone, much less at Christmas season. I am unhappy to see that not a one office person will be retained. That is very unfortunate.

  6. Matt Hunter says:

    Roger,in regards to your post,I believe you will be satisfied after 3 months.I am a Hyndman driver and of course you know Celadon acquired us last May.I run long haul for the most part and my miles have stayed steady and lots of work.Overall you not even notice any changes except for the new Prostate and Celadon trailers which are equipped with a self weigh scale.The only thing that I am disgruntled about is still remaining at below industry standard pay.We have not had the pleasure to receive pay at your rate or any other affiliate,Hoss,Celadon Canada etc.Roger,stay positive and you will be fine.

  7. Brian says:

    Another Canadian company falls. A sad day for the Canadian trucking industry and the Yanke office staff being shown the door. Welcome to life as part of a US giant. Big isn’t always best!

  8. Marc Lemieux says:

    I am really sorry to hear about the sellout of Yanke..I worked there and enjoyed it and was well taken care of; for that I am greatful. But… the office staff being let go…not fair at all..those on medical short term and long term leave… we lose our drug benefits etc…..Good luck to all office staff and dispachers.. I really appreciated all of you.. Good luck to all

  9. Anonymous1234 says:

    Marcoux and the company of Celadon should be ashamed. Selling/purchasing right before Christmas? Thanks for the shoe up the a$*. We all have mortgages and families to think about too. Selfish. That’s all I can say. This should’ve been handled with the Saskatoon office staff much more professionally. I don’t think coming out of a meeting to hear,”Everyone’s jobs in Saskatoon are done” and then finding Celadons staff at our desks making themselves comfortable while we just had the rug ripped out from under us shows any professionalism. This is terrible. It’s not a good time at anytime to hear you’ve lost your job let alone right before Christmas.

  10. Anonymous says:

    While not great timing, one important thing you need to realize in all of this. Celadon purchases companies experiencing financial hardship. Yanke was obviously struggling financially and not covering expenses. Celadon buys these types of companies for the most part by assuming their debt so the owner can get out from under personal guarantees etc… If not for Celadon bailing out Yanke, Yanke would have been bankrupt and or insolvent in a short matter of time and nobody, including drivers, would be working.

  11. Ron says:

    Why is everbody surprised ? Companys are getting bought out every day. Ive been saying that there will only be dozen or so trucking companys in Canada one day and will control ALL the freight travelling by road.
    You have to go big or go HOME.

  12. slowpoke says:

    Truly a sad day for Canadian trucking! What happened with all the office staff is truly sad and cold hearted!! They were a great company to drive for and I’d have to say the best company that I ever drove truck for. Celadon has a lot of work to do to meet Yanke’s standards.

  13. ron g says:

    what a disaster it has been with the buy out by celadon.
    It’s very true if they hadn’t purchased yanke the company would have gone bust.
    But what is the big issue is the amount of drivers who are leaving the company.
    myself included i was down to an average of 260 miles a day, most if not all complained about lack of miles and sitting.
    Celadon Canada were not to bad, but the staff at Indy were rude and ignorant.
    Celadon have done nothing or showed no interest in addressing the issue of drivers leaving in mass numbers.
    The buyout has been a great disappointment to most of the yanke drivers.
    Next time your on the trans can look out for how many yanke units you see.

  14. slorida says:

    Go big or go home….. that’s the best way to put it. Celadon has done nothing wrong… why point your angers at them? Yanke’s drivers could have all been retained, however some choose to leave due to their own ignorance. We are truck drivers….. and over the years I have learned that the name on the truck door does not matter. Celadon has treated me great, and I will never leave, So then yanke drivers that left, what’s left? Trans X? H and R? Two of the worst operating companies in Canada. Good luck to you all.

  15. Ronald Willett says:

    I am hoping to get on with celadon, a company that is well established and that is not afraid to expand and better itself and it’s employees. Celadon is a fortune 500 company. And will be around for a long time. Something to think about.

  16. simon hoare says:

    Sad to see not surprised. I am one of the ex English drivers they spent loads on bringing us over and just allowed us to return. Surely if it had been my company I would of wondered why so many was leaving 1 a day. If they had looked at it we struggled to do team driving as not used to such long driving and not being able to sleep. If they had sat down and looked at reasons they would of found away to keep most drivers and not waste thousands of $ and then they moved its sad because a company with so much history gone.

    • Richard Griffin says:

      Hi Simon Hoare, I’m a uk driver but worked all over Europe for most of my driving career & was offered a job at Yanke several years ago when they were recruiting in Manchester. It wasn’t right at the time due to family commitments ect which was a great shame but hey ho
      Are you still over in Canada?

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