ECONOMIC WATCH: Canada, U.S. employment numbers improved in May

by Today's Trucking

OTTAWA, Ont. – Canada added 290,000 jobs in May as the economy gradually reopened following the Covid-19-related economic shutdown.

(Source: Statistics Canada)

May employment numbers represented a recovery of 10.6% of Covid-19-related employment losses and absences seen over the previous two months, according to a Statistics Canada labor update June 5. However, the unemployment rate set a new record high at 13.7%.

From February to April, the total number of unemployed Canadians more than doubled. The employment picture, however, varied widely by sector and province. Quebec accounted for nearly 80% of May’s employment gains, with employment up 6.5%.

In Ontario, employment declined in May but at a slower pace. It was the only province in which employment continued to fall in May, shedding 65,000 jobs compared to 689,000 in April.

Employed Canadians also reported being less concerned about job security in May.

(Source: Stastics Canada)

U.S. jobs numbers rebound

The jobs picture in the U.S. was even more upbeat. Total non-farm payroll employment surged by 2.5 million in May, with unemployment there dropping to 13.3% – a drop of 1.4% – according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

However, employment in transportation and warehousing dropped by 19,000, on the heels of an April decline of 553,000. Air transportation lead the job losses, shedding 50,000 positions in May. Employment among couriers and messengers climbed 12,000 in May.

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  • i hear about all the business closing and people being out of work. i have not run into one government employee that was out of work. all the government services are cut back or closed – yet they are sill collecting full pay. in the past 10 years they have doubled the # of employees – no better service – just more fees…
    we are told that there are so many trucks parked – how is it that we cannot receive any calls – answering adds for drivers now or drivers coming through the door??? – i am told by a couple drivers we have asked – that the government pays them more than enough to sit at home than go to work… how do we move forward ????