Schneider to shutter Canadian operations

by Today's Trucking

Schneider Transport has put its Guelph, Ont., property for sale and informed associates it is closing its Canada-based operations.

“Today, Jan. 14, 2022, we are announcing a change in the company’s approach to Canadian-based operations,” the company told in a written statement, responding to questions about its Canadian operations.

Schneider truck
(Photo: Schneider)

“Despite the dedication and best efforts over many years, Canadian-based operations do not fit within Schneider’s long-term strategic focus. This decision was difficult. The change will affect all 150 Canadian-based associates and drivers. We are working with associates during the transition. Company trucks and equipment will transfer to our U.S.-based network to continue to serve our customers and as we proceed with the sale of the Guelph, Ont., property. We expect Schneider will no longer have Canadian-based operations by the end of March. We have notified all our Canadian associates and will remain in regular communication with them over the coming months.” has learned the 39-acre Guelph property will go to auction later this month, with JLL Commercial Real Estate managing the sale.

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  • With all the shutdowns and trucking issues in Ontario it’s no big surprise. Sadly the people will suffer for this with loss of jobs and probably another food price hike since they will need to ship to Canada.

    • And the government will not accept any responsibility for the inflation or harm they are creating with idiotic policies driven by political posturing and centrist agendas. They don’t care how much harm they do, nor even if we can keep the lights on and our homes warm as long as they can brag about their accomplishments to iconic children from europe advocating against conventional energy sources.our tax dollars go to countries other than our own even as the lderly and those in need struggle to survive the inflationary policy consequences.

  • Every trucking company that delivers in and outside of Canada should shut all operations just to prove a point to our delusional prime Minister. He’s destroying this great country we once called Canada. Vaccine mandates should not occur anywhere.

      • Disagree 100%, get vaccinated. What makes u all think this closing is related to covid?????. The closing reason did not say anything about covid or anything about being or not being vaccinated. Wow lol lol. The facts are they said Guelph does not fit with company strategies going forward. So they close, it happens.

        • It didn’t say Covid wasn’t the reason either.

          “Guelph does not fit with company strategies going forward”

          Is a very broad term.

          • I agree. I think if anything it’s the going our laws, speed limiters and selling yourself to other drivers. 37 years I worked for Challenger for 1 day. Literally enough time to pass road test, go home think about it and come back same day and quit. I’m not a factory type driver. I like still having to think on your own not let some guy in an office dictate your route, or push you to run tired.

        • The fact that they literally just made it mandatory for truck drivers to be vaccinated 2 days ago allows people to add 2+2.

          • A decision to shut down operations and sell assets is not made on the spur of the moment, this has likely taken over a year. Covid has little if anything to do with an expensive corporate decision.

        • You, got vaccinated and that’s what counts and should not push it on others and no company in Canada will admit that they don’t agree with government mandate because they don’t wanna fight the government.

        • Covid was a great way to introduce these draconian control measures to confuse and demoralize populations…see exactly how obedient the sheep are willing to be, no matter how nonsensical the measures.

      • Was that not squashed by the U.S. Supreme Court last Thursday. The same day Canada flipped flopped on its decision to allow unvaccinated drivers across the border.

    • Yes. But the Prime Minister probably knows he is destroying the country. It is his supporters . . . the people who put him in power and keep him there who need to figure this out.

  • If we could move out of Canada we would too.many of our friends have sold everything and left Canada forever..we’ve become a Communist country under Trudeau .

  • Another company with history in Canada deciding to close operations due to government misunderstanding of the private sector and its insistence on lockdowns . Just a start of many businesses to come to close their doors!

  • It goes to show how unaffordable Canada has become to U.S companies that operate in Canada. With all this wonderful carbon tax and higher cost of insurance in this country it will kill off more then just U.S interests here in Canada. But I guess the Canadian P.M figures we can generate plenty of income for taxing us with the carbon tax and selling pot since we have just as many pot shops in Canada as we have Tim Hortons.

    • I live in a small town. We have 2 Tim Horton’s and 3 pot shops, 2 are within easy walking distance of each other. Never knew weed was so popular here.


  • That’s to bad, to hear that your operations in Canada are not going well. I myself drove for your wonderful company and other than being away for to long, as my family was very young when I drove for your company. But still think that as a Canadian driver that you should be o.k. without them. (Canadian driver). Good luck in the future.

  • Just another repercussion of the Liberal gov’ts no care , flip flop draconian, dictatorship…. Letting fuel prices rise political interference…. More jobs lost . manufacturing taking a a blow again…. This is sad news .indeed .. As if the workers , truckers and their families need more to worry about…

  • With the pay difference between American and Canadian drivers I’m surprised it lasted this long. Non union company in a Province where unions are strong.

  • It was a good business decision on Schneider’s part… The trucking industry in Canada and all its regulations are destroying the industry. To mention the insurance side of the industry… Is run by some of the insurance companies executives this is complete and utter bullshit. The Canadian government cannot mandate E logs that are not appropriate for Trucking in Canada, not one of the so-called E log providers have incorporated the Canadian hours of service in Western Canada.

    • A lot of other trucking companies and drivers have left ont because insurance and other reasons. We need to sit down with drivers owner ops and small companies and see of we can find a solution to the mess in Ontario

  • Sorry that a USA company that has been around in Canada for as long as it has and it is leaving now because of our clowns in ottawa feel bad for the employees but is a good company

    • It has got nothing to do with the Government. Schneider has said the Canadian Operations are not a fit for their operations. Most of Schneders freight comes here on Railroad Piggy Back and hauled by Local Contractors. Thus they don’t need or require Full yard operations here. As of recent years you do not see many of Schneider trucks on Canadian roads, you see their trailers with a local contractor hauling them. Don’t blame Trudeau for everything , this just gives locals more work hauling the Schneider Containers.

  • How sad, Schneider has been a house hold name for as long as I can remember. Always quality
    meats. We will miss you.

    • This is NOT the Schneider Meat Company.. Schneider Meats are owned by the Maple Leaf Meat Co. The Company closing is a trucking Operation… Just read the article

    • This is US based Schneider Trucking, not the Canadian company Schneider’s known for its meat products, was acquired by Maple Leaf Foods in 2004.

    • Schneider has been an old US company originally based in Green Bay, Wisconsin if my memory is correct. Schneider Meats was (I don’t believe it still exists) based in Kitchener, Ontario. Same name – 2 unrelated companies.

    • I remember when everyone was in a rip when Schneider came to Ontario because the rates went down now you cry about them leaving

      • Hahaha … so true !!!
        Everyone thought the earth was going to spin off its axis when Schneider introduced 40 cent Fridays … any load as long as it was exiting Canada at 40 cents a mile … so they could get their iron out of the country, back to the U.S. where the good freight was.

  • This so stupid where they are now forcing the trucking industry out of business people out of work companies are worth nothing just because these corrupt idiots want to get control of everything. People are losing their lives and its not from the covid it because of all the problems it is causing with them losing everything. Now they are wanting to starve us with this stupid move and there are doctors and other health professionals going right along with this. They were suppose to save lives not destroy them. These corrupt ones are not suffering they are travelling all over the place eating like pigs. I could go on about what they are doing to our children that the chances of them getting sick is 99.98 per cent it won’t happen. But jab them with a experimental vaccine. So sad that our lives mean nothing to these greedy people.

  • This is all because of ur canadian government doesn’t give any tax brakes to companies or even to small business so 4his is just bad for all those people who lose they jobs but ask the government if they care nope

  • Sad & preventable if the government were actually interested in allowing such companies to build & thrive in a free market unhindered by government red tape & taxes that throttle the ability to thrive.

  • It’s sad to see this happen but it’s the
    Way the industry is right now. When I was a liesenced truck mechanic and then training engineer. They were 300 strong at that yard in aberfoyle. But on the brighter side we have a home for there driver’s at Transport N service. Thank you past associates.

  • It’s very sad news that another constitution is closing its doors, I myself have never worked for trucking company however when I was running I would see them on the road ,my best wishes go to my my fellow drivers and hope for only the best.

  • Go ahead and publish my opinions if you wish. Having good hair, pacifying natives (buying them off), political correctness, shutting down economic boosting businesses (like this and pipelines) plus unjustified inflation fuelling handouts are our federal govt’s priorities.

  • I am a 54 year old Canadian business owner that currently runs a 3rd generation family business, my daughter would be 4th generation and is now working full time in the business… We are planning to run the business as long as we can but it has become painfully apparent that we are constantly being handcuffed and tied up in bureaucracy… It’s just getting worse and worse and ever since the liberals came on board it has gone downhill quite a bit. My wife and I are planning on taking our money and moving out of Canada for good down to the Caribbean somewhere we have not decided where yet… I am a fairly high net worth individual and that means I won’t be buying new cars here, food spending money on anything else either.. In time canada will be a welfare state. Sad, very sad.

  • Here we go again another needed corporate company being chased out of Canada by these Corrupt liberal government & their loose and spend free cronies
    As if hard working Canadians can afford another break in the food chain thanks to our a$$ 9 PM
    Thanks Trudeau & O’Toole

  • Good riddance Schneider. You started operations in Canada years ago and undercut many major carriers drastically to get the freight. bye,bye.

    • Private entities competing with one another on price is a good thing. It forces the participants to do their best, which makes the economy more efficient.

      What isn’t good for the economy is when federal, provincial, and municipal governments start interfering. That just creates the insurmountable inefficiencies we see now that hurt the economy.

    • Good to read the right reason for Schneider leaving Guelph.
      They were never able to grab the piece of the pie that they thought that they would.
      They never became a major player here. No one says anything about other major American transport companies that “DID NOT” try to infiltrate the Canadian market.
      The American and Canadian markets are very different!

  • Move all the trucks and trailers to the US, sell the property and just abandon all the people who worked hard for them. Yep, sounds like the way of big business.
    Bet the all guys at the top were taken care of.

  • Check out the shareholders, Vanguard group are shutting down the world and Canada is no exception, Rothschilds policy is working everywhere, they own the world, keeping on truckin to doomsday 10-4 !!

  • Their low pay operation could not attract quality drivers!
    20 years ago, new to the industry I laughed at their pay pkg. many American companies think of Canadians as an alternative to Mexicans

  • Good! If Canada wants to force people to get vaccinated then they should feel the consequences of their tyrannical attitude.

    I applaud Schneider for making this very difficult decision.

  • This is only the start of what our federal government has set in motion .
    We are in for a very rough ride. Our government has to see that this ongoing rule changes will not be tolerated by most people in the working class.
    The privately owned companys and the working class is what drives our economy.

  • Hmmm, seems to me a large company does not make this type of decision overnight and to move just because of COVID vaccinations seems rather low on the list of reasons. Are trucks cheaper in the US? Is fuel cheaper in the US? Are drivers paid less in the US?

  • Does anyone remember PC Prime Minister Brian Mulroney (alias “Lie-n Brian”) and his boyfriend USA President Ronald Reagan? Brian got elected with 36% of the votes and immediately caved into Ronald’s demands for FREE TRADE
    Why would any USA Based company own assets in a foreign country when they can come and go as they please? Same freight – lower cost = higher profits! It no longer has anything to do with who is in Ottawa. After a 10 year manufacturing integration period, put in place as a condition of the original Free Trade, US manufacturers couldn’t exit Canada fast enough! Thank you to the Progressive Conservatives.

    • What is your nickname for Trudeau? – – – – – – I didn’t think so, well these liberals (and I’m guessing you) are totally destroying what was a great country, just like liberals, aka democrats are destroying USA.

    • Free trade has enjoyed bi-partisan support for decades. The Liberals have been stalwart supporters of Free Trade with the U.S. since the second Mulroney left office. The Chretien government approved the follow-up to Free Trade, NAFTA 30 (THIRTY!) years ago. Then, when it looked like Trump was going to flush NAFTA down the toilet, the current Liberal government couldn’t bend over fast enough to negotiate its replacement — basically Free Trade 3.0.

  • A question to JLL Commercial Real Estate;
    Can the property be remediated back to agricultural production to grow lentils since at the rate we are progressing all Canadians will only be able to afford beans in the future?

  • It isn’t just petroleum, resource, and manufacturing jobs Trudeau is chasing out of the country, now he has included trucking. What a legacy. He can also dance, put on makeup, apologize and stuff socks in his pants.

  • The OTA is the problem. They hugged Doug Ford in the beginning, I’m sure he wasn’t aware of both sides of the story. Steam rolled him to help certain carriers. The OTA protects certain carriers. Everyone will eventually see, this is not about trucking anymore. As far as the vax border thing, if the OTA is so good. Step up, were gonna be in trouble here. Step up, what is your organization stand for!

  • If you really think about it. Its always the bottom line in any company. Too many small Transport company are under cutting the routes and the record high Real Estate market. It makes more sense to sell if your margins doesn’t warrant to keep the land. I’m sure it is already sold to some developer for big bucks, probably a bidding war for this property. MONEY TALKS !

  • Sounds like with equipment shortages, the of moving their equipment south is of greater value to the company than leaving it here.

  • Just the sign of corrupt useless government working against the people! Turdo needs to go or be ousted!

  • We will likely see more of this. This is what Trudeau wants. He has worked hard at destroying the Canadian economy, bankrupting businesses, small medium, and large. He has done everything he could to shut down supply chains which is an attack against every man, woman, and child in Canada. The supply chain shutdown means few if any medical supplies and equipment getting to hospitals, food for hospitals, senior’s homes, and families across the country will be in short supply. This during a pandemic is an act of war. It is a war maneuver to inflict as much pain as possible with the least amount of effort used since the dawn of time. It is a crime against humanity, the Geneva convention, and our domestic laws, and human rights. Trudeau is an enemy to all Canadians.

  • We all know this is the tyrants fault for mandating a medical procedureon us. Trudeau and these moronic liberals need to be stopped before they suck our country completely dry. They have pretty much destroyed our country at this point. I really wish the PPC was in office right now because I guarantee that we would not be in the mess we are in right now with freedom being taken away from the people.