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Today’s Trucking March 2020

The sun is rising on a new month, and the March edition of Today’s Trucking is shining the light on Loblaw’s test of a solar-powered reefer. Editor James Menzies also highlights safety concerns raised by a number of Ontario enforcement officers, while editorial director John G. Smith introduces the new medium-duty Mack. Equipment editor Jim Park lists four things to ask when ‘spec’ing’ a new truck, too. All this plus a look at future Driver Inc. crackdowns, Traton’s move to buy Navistar, the $85,000 fine for a shop death, and more. Simply click to read.

Today’s Trucking February 2020

The February edition of Today’s Trucking is already on the streets, and Editor James Menzies explores questions about whether a certain tool led to unwarranted tickets for speed limiter settings in Ontario and Quebec. Equipment Editor Jim Park, meanwhile, gets everyone back to basics when it comes to choosing powertrains. And Editorial Director John G. Smith outlines new Ontario rules to crack down on emissions cheats. All this plus insights into fuel cells and battery power, more opportunities for Group Morneau, and much more are just a click away.

December 2019

The December edition of Today’s Trucking is now online, and it offers a comprehensive look at changes to come. A report from the recent North American Commercial Vehicle Show highlights plans involving Hyundai, hydrogen and more. As we prepare for 2020, we also offer economic insights into rates, trucking activity and warehousing costs. Derek Clouthier tells the story of a truck driver who survived a 2010 crash but faces personal struggles to this day. Equipment editor Jim Park, meanwhile, offers advice on how to choose a shop lift, and reviews the MirrorEye monitor system that could replace traditional mirrors. All this and more is just a click away.

November 2019

The November digital edition of Today's Trucking is now online, and it includes a tragic tale. Driver Chris Hesch died on the job, and he's not the only one. Editorial director John G. Smith explores the tragic yard accident. A year into legalized recreational marijuana, we also find that fleets continue to debate acceptable drug testing limits. Equipment editor Jim Park finds that there's gold in ELD data, and also takes Volvo Dynamic Steering for a spin. All this and more is just a click away!