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March 2019

Have you heard? Truck manufacturers are making noise about their plans to produce electric vehicles, and the March edition of Today’s Trucking explores the related technologies. Editorial director John G. Smith also looks into the trucking industry’s most dangerous job, which recorded a particularly deadly start to 2019. Meanwhile, equipment editor Jim Park offers insights into the plans for active steering systems, and delivers a series of tips to protect truck air systems as temperatures plunge. All this and more is just one click away in your latest digital edition.

February 2019

The Today’s Trucking team went to court for your February edition, gathering information on stiffer distracted driving penalties, responsibilities for livestock loads, and guilty pleas from the driver involved in the fatal Humboldt Broncos bus crash. But there is equipment news, too. Editorial director John G. Smith offers a look at the newest new Cascadia, while equipment editor Jim Park explores the engines needed for the biggest loads. Want details on diesel additives, milk haulers, or driver services? All this and more is just a click away in the digital edition, available here.

January 2019

Just in time for the new year, a new edition of Today’s Trucking is on the street. Editorial director John G. Smith reveals his picks for the Top 10 product launches of 2018. Equipment editor Jim Park offers some guidance on choosing transmissions for heavy hauls. Meanwhile, there’s information on B.C. highway safety measures, a first look at International’s CV work truck, and research into Quebec’s unique path for immigrating truck drivers. All this and more awaits – giving you reading material to start the year off right.

December 2018

The December edition of Today’s Trucking is now living in print and online. This month, editorial director John G. Smith explores a crackdown on “Driver Inc.” tax schemes that misqualify employees as contractors. We also have information on the headaches that emerge with legalized marijuana, economic reports looking at the implications of everything from the driver shortage to tariffs, and some guidance on driver health. Equipment editor Jim Park road tests an integrated powertrain that’s right for the times, while Smith explains the differences between European and North American trucks. Don’t wait for Christmas. Open this gift today!