September 2019

The latest digital edition of Today’s Trucking is now live, and it’s only appropriate that a digital edition would discuss virtual trucking. Editorial director John G. Smith explores the emerging role of simulators and VR devices in driver training. Equipment editor Jim Park discusses differences in Canadian and U.S. ELD rules, as well as operations that prefer (significantly) older trucks. There are insights into new accessibility laws for federally regulated fleets, Link Mfg.’s smarter suspension, and news of a national insurance review. All this and more are just a click away.

August 2019

The August edition of Today’s Trucking is ready just in time, delivering the latest news on Canada’s pending mandate for electronic logging devices (ELDs). Editorial director John G. Smith explores this issue, as well as the way data can generate real-world safety improvements. Equipment editor Jim Park keeps things rolling with a focus on wheel maintenance and the steps to avoid wheel end fires. There’s a profile of Andy Transport’s Andreea Crisan, an exclusive interview with Michelin’s Laurent Bourrut, and a peek at innovation by ZF. All this and more is just a click away.

July 2019

The July edition of Today’s Trucking is now on the streets, and we know that some of those streets are steeper than others. Equipment editor Jim Park explores the art and science of driving through mountainous terrain – giving you a chance to see if you would make the grade. Editorial director John G. Smith offers a look at soaring insurance costs, as well as the debate about whether platooning will work in the real world, and insights from a summit on sustainable transportation. All this plus looks at trailer wiring, an Epiq test drive, and more are just a click away.

June 2019

The June edition of Today’s Trucking is now on the street, and we’re proud to shine a light on one of the best truck drivers on the road. This month we’re profiling Ron Pridmore, who has been named 2019 Highway Star of the Year. We also take a close look at several fuel-related topics. Did you know propane is the most popular alternative vehicle fuel in Canada? What about Nikola Motor’s plans to power trucks with hydrogen? Editor John G. Smith explores both of these topics. Equipment editor Jim Park, meanwhile, discusses fuel-saving strategies and spec’s from fuel-tracking tech to advanced cruise control. It’s all just a click away.