How Navistar solved its EGR problems

LISLE, Ill. — It’s no secret that Navistar International had its share of EGR-related failures as it attempted to meet EPA10 emissions standards without the use of SCR exhaust aftertreatment.

The company very candidly addressed the issue at its Analyst Day earlier this week, and offered a full explanation of the fix it has implemented.

Tim Shick, vice-president of sales support with Navistar, said most of the problems could be traced to the MaxxForce engine’s turbo air control valve, which connects directly to the engine’s electronic control module (ECM). The ECM, very importantly, would dictate via that connection how much fresh air should be supplied to the engine and for how long, as well as how much hot exhaust should be supplied and for how long, to effectively reduce emissions.

However, constant vibration and wind underneath the hood would cause the connection to become loose.

“When this began to fail, it didn’t become totally dislodged,” Shick explained. “The truck went down the road and the connector moved around due to vibration and wind under the hood and through a process called ‘fretting’ would wear these pins down to the point where it would connect intermittently.”

The intermittent connection would cause the device to “overfuel” the engine with sooty exhaust, which first went to the EGR valve. Exacerbating the situation, the shaft on the EGR valve was prone to failure, allowing in a free-flow of soot-saturated exhaust.

“What usually happens is you get an open flow of exhaust coming in at will, which is full of soot, because the engine is not combusting all the fuel completely and it goes into the EGR coolers,” Shick explained.

Next thing you know, the exhaust manifold, valve and coolers inside the EGR housing are filled with soot. Fuel economy deteriorates, a dashboard light comes on and the truck needs to be taken out of service.

This was problematic with engines produced in 2010 through 2012. However, by 2013 Navistar had identified the problem and taken steps to address it, Shick explained.

For starters, it hardwired the connection from the turbo air control valve to the ECM so that it could no longer shake free and lose its connection as a result of over-the-road vibrations. It also made the EGR valve shaft 30% larger and less susceptible to sticking.

Navistar also removed some sharp edges from within the system that were causing premature fatiguing and cracking of components. It also redesigned the EGR cooler, providing more room for exhaust gases to flow.

Navistar says the improvements have dramatically reduced warranty claims. It now updates used trucks taken in through its Diamond Renewed used truck reconditioning program to implement the improved components. International MaxxForce engines built in 2013 and after will already come with the fix.

An International dealer can determine whether pre-2013 engines have been updated with the improved parts. Navistar is so confident with the fix, it offers a one-year, 100,000-mile warranty on used trucks that have been reconditioned through its Diamond Renewed program.

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  • I have a 2003 ford F350 with the 6.0L Navistar engine which has caused me considerable grief with the EGR costing me about $ 3000.00 out of my pocket. Since Navistar has realized the error of their ways, will this be also realized by ford? I am pursuing this with Ford and will send you a letter at a later date with Fords response.

  • That was only a few of the many failures on these engines. The main failure on the Maxxforce 13 was and still is “Serviceabilty”. You can change a EGR valve on a Cummins ISX CM 2350 in the same amount of time it takes to remove and install the seats when changing a EGR valve on a Maxxforce 13. Yes I said seats. The seats, gear shift lever, floor mats, lower dash assembly, and cab engine cover have to be removed just to see the EGR valve on a Maxxforce 13.

      • I have a 2010 8600. I paid $8000+ for a valve and cooler replacement in September at an International dealer.
        Still feeling the burn on that one since i had only had the truck 5 months at that point and it was not covered under the diamond warranty i paid for when bought the truck.

          • No, I wouldn’t recommend buying any maxforce engine, I was dumb and bought 4 then BAM, its money, money, money from tear ups…

          • I would stay away from maxxforce if engine air intake sensor malfunctions ECM puts truck in limp mode causing it run lean which plugs up the egr and causes the turbo to fail if air filter is plugged same thing happens harness breaks same thing happens its a poorly designed engine I would say whatever money you’re saving upfront you’ll end up spending 3 or 4 times more trying fixing it and sad thing is its hard to find a machenic who knows how to work on these plus you’ll be paying insurance even the truck is in the shop

      • Don’t replace it, get you some system cleaned out, there’s a new cleaning system out now it costs $1400, but that’s way cheaper than replacing your EGR, the special tool that’s needed to remove it cost 2 grand alone.

    • I drive a 2015 Prostar for a company truck. And yes the cab is gutted to get to the EGR valve. It failed on mine, then the turbo. One year later at only 335K kms it is blowing oil out the vent tube. Garbage trucks.

      • Check the “” coffee. Grinder “” behind the passenger. Side filter. Separator of gas and oil . Spins the oil to out side walls and recycle it to engine .

  • All of the newer trucks are not very relible , at least before we could get it to the garage to repair it now it just quits. Has anyone done a study to figure out the true cost of EGR/DPF/def related to all the repair costs? I wonder if we worked it out we would not figure out that all the repairs and making of replacement parts is MORE damaging to the envoirment than the extra emissions equetment? My old trucks seemed to get the same fuel mileage 20 years ago maybe an improvement on old engines would produce a net benefit to the envoirment?

    • All you would need is a particulate filter and no EGR. Filters work. My friend has one on his 02 Cummins. Gets it baked every 6 maths. Good fuel mileage, with little loss in power.

      • How many miles on your truck! With our new max force we purchased in dec of 2016 brand new septic pumper truck! It seen the dealership more than that seen our customers in the last three years and engine reverb at 50 some thousand miles and a good pay 2500 from Navistar and there’s light comes on they can’t even figure out what the dash lights are about now after the engine referred a year ago please help we need help

    • The newer trucks just quit so you people that don’t know anything about trucks don’t screw anything else up.

  • I received an email from ford and they state that Ford Motor Company is not responsible for any damage, loss and a multitude of other excuses why they will do nothing about the 6.0 Litre diesel EGR system defects. I am writing a letter to other publications explaining all the EGR problems I have experienced with this engine and perhaps others will get involved and moan as I am doing.

    • I have 30 6.0L ford engines in my company fleet all with 200,000.00 plus miles on them and very little egr problems, they are stock no programmers none have any deletes on them and run everyday, changed everyone to stud kits for headgaskets and have no issues besides normal wear and tar.

      • Thank you for putting that out there. 6.0 get a really bad name but they’re actually a really good motor. Despite what people that don’t know what they’re doing say.

  • Give me a break! A Fortune 500 company brought to it’s knees by a wire connection?!

    Who wrote this?….straw man at it’s best. They have lost all trust on engine components with all these issues…let’s just hope Cummins takes over.

  • Well, the problem is not really the engines, the problem is EPA unreal requirements as well California Air Resources Board, they have pushed this unreliable technology on the industry, inflating operation cost and hurting working families big time as well truck and engine builders, I have seen this European trucks with all metal filters installed performing better for a fraction of the cost

  • There isn’t a current emissions standard diesel platform that is working correctly at all. Would it have been constructive to have allowed Detroit to pursue their ethanol platform. Is protecting the interests of big oil number as a number1 priority logical?

  • They have done an awful lot of work on the system and it’s much better. Unfortunately they’re using the same old High Temp EGR Cooler. Improve the reliability of the Cooler and you’ve got a pretty good engine.

  • There’s a company out there called M1M, and they make a drop-in replacement EGR Cooler core for the EPA ’10 engines. They don’t currently sell them at the dealers, but you can buy them direct. I haven’t personally used them, but with the cores failing every 100,000 miles or so, it might make sense to try an aftermarket core. Their website is:

  • What are symptoms of egr bad on maxxforce 13? Im getting intermittent whistle, and smell of diesel, and constant regeneration. Now dpf light comes on,then off after 20 miles. At the end of money and wits end!

  • the EGR system is a costly system that California pushed on the nation just to make money for the state. they did not look into the fact that you CAN NOT burn exhaust gases because you’ve already done that. if you truly look in to the EGR system you will find out that it cause the motor to burn more fuel. there are better ways to lower emissions than what is in place now, but Cali. and Big Oil will not let that technology come to light

    • The theory of Exhaust Gas Recirculation was to combat against in adequate engineering of past generation combustion systems with UNmonitored emissions. The modern other fuel technology has adapted exhaust monitoring systems that continue to adjust information to fuel systems so that they achieve optimal combustion in multinational operating conditions. The large hate organizations against transportation professionals and the associated equipment is a continuous process that has become the economic depression for many in the USA.

      Secondary Exhaust Treatment systems are a continued presence that adds weight to modernization of transportation technology and reliability.

      The soot created by and an inappropriately adjusted engine is entertainment yet gasoline bio or otherwise exhaust monitoring communicates back to a central fuel injection system to solve this problem decades ago this similar type of technology should be adequate with new models of structuring combustion chambers in diesel technology with out need for secondary techniques or excessive recirculated emissions one would think with all this modern digital technology and connectivity.

      • Modern Dry Cell HHO systems that inject HHO gas (from water electrolysis) are proven to complete combustion to the point of no soot or NOX emissions. So with the HHO running there is no need for EGR/SCR/DEF/DPF. Take a look at HHO-1.COM

        SO BASICALLY a “DELETE” and an HHO would solve all owners problems

    • Really tired of hearing about “Big Oil”.
      In the 1970’s “Big Oil” supposedly kept off the market a “carburetor” that allowed a car to get 100 miles per gallon. Big Oil is always the boogey man, when Liberally dominated bureaucracies are behind every boondoggle effecting the trucking industry from engines to electronic logs.

      • CARB and Oil Corps can not stand our HHO cells at and We have been making HHO (water booster cell kits for over 10 years now, We are licensed to sell Bob Boyce™ Sealed, Series H2O designs from his 1981 gag-ordered patent, due to he proved 120% over unity, so they gagged it. We comly by making HHO boosters, they want nothing to do with that as well. We can clean emissions by 80% and we can also take out the NoX emission by 90%! CARB/Oil Corps hates us. LOL They have been trying to run us off the rad the whole time.

      • You can get 100 miles per gallon but its to lean and you have no power. This has been showed several times on youtube were a person runs a car off of the fumes from a gas can. it idles ok but has no power. When you run an engine lean it burns up your pistons.

  • its true, i have a 2012, engine blew at 250k miles, replaced undet warranty with upgraded maxforce 13 and no problems since,

  • Just went through the EGR issue with our International ambulance. It is a 2010 with a Maxxforce engine. Unit kept stalling out or not wanting to go when you hit the accelerator. Exhaust temp light coming on all the time and really bad exhaust smell and white smoke from the pipe. I had it in the shop and they found the EGR cooler bad and pipe leading to the cooler full of black soot that they could not remove. Had to have the whole system replaced. Not a cheap repair. The truck has been a nightmare from day one. Had a second truck with the same motor. No longer part of our fleet.

  • I have a 2009 durastar have replaced 4 egr coolers in the last 2 years all but 1 out of warranty I replaced both last August 2015 they have both gone again 11 months later where is the fix only had International Dealer replace them this article is a joke!

  • Very good I want to buy a 2009 Prostar with MaxxForce Engine Horsepower motor: 450 Transmission Speeds: 10 Speed T-2 say that it is very problematic that engine I recommended?

  • I’ve been having an ongoing issue with my 2011 prostar (maxxforce engine) for 10 months now, back and forth in the shop with diesel and exhaust like fumes…. put a new dog house shield in and now I’m getting a taste but no smell and it is making me sick. The dealers have claimed bad manifold, bad exhaust pipe, bad shifter boot and other fixes but I am still having this issue.

  • Have a 2013 Navistar 7500. Biggest POS on the road. Has been in the shop 5 months since I’ve owned it and back again for a new EGR, Particulate filter and a new and improved exhaust manifold. Approximate cost, 8,000 and another week out of service where I need to get a rental.

    Absolutely no help from Navistar/International. They want me to trade it in and get another.

  • I have been advised by a Freightliner salesman that a Maxxforce engine is good IF the polution crap is removed from the engine????

  • Yes,this is crazy,i have a 2011 Prostar. I’ve had the engine replaced in 2014,with only 325,00 on it. They replaced the block,now it’s 2Yrs later and I had the second engine to go with only 190,000. Now the company I’m leaseing the truck are not trying to give me any assistance with getting navistar to do anything with the repair.

  • I had a maxxforce7 and the last 4 repairs were all broken rockers and rods. These engines are only good for 100000 miles max. After that you might as well just junk them because even internationanal won’t take them for trade in.

  • I have an 2012 international Prostar with the MaxxForece 13 and my engine light came on but never lost power by any means and all the gauges stayed normal. The light did go off the next day but I had the health report done and it show something going on with egr low flow . But other than that I have no issues at all. I think my truck was updated before I got. Any suggestion

  • I have an 2012 international Prostar with the MaxxForece 13 5 of the last 6 weeks in the shop . I ask them to trade my 2012 for a 2010 they said no yours has no resale value . I said I know that its a piece of crap. no help from navistar trucks going in the shop again

  • My 2015 N9 just hydrolocked with only 90k. Egr cooler went bad and leaked the coolant into the block over night and when I hit the key I lost cylinder number 6??? I have the latest motor. Don’t believe the hipe! They are garbage and will put you out of business!!

  • We recently purchased 2 2012 International maxforce. Within a month one of them blew a Turbo and cost me $9,500. And within the week my EGR valve cooler went out to costing $4,500. Both trucks had the diamond select service plan. Now they’re telling me the diamond select inspection it’s not covered under warranty. Does anybody know or can anybody help me with this issue? The trucks were bought inWestrucks International in Colton California.

  • Navistar is doing R&D at the expense of every one that they can sucker into buying one of the maxi-shit
    Engines that they produce , they have had egr problems as far back as 2005 on these engines and possible earlier, why not start a class action law suite
    Against them, as share as he’ll they have put many a trucker bankrupt with them.

  • I have 2013 lonestar maxxforce 13 500hp bought new pulled heavy since the day off the lot had no issues now if you want to talk about shit engines let’s talk cumapart aka cummins

  • Maybe juse delete all of it and make it a c13 cat engine like it should be and all the problemsame go away and you can get back to making money instead of down time and expensive repairs.

  • Has anyone tried any fuel additives to make the diesel run cleaner or burn hotter?
    I really don’t know the chemistry behind it but I tried this on a dd13 that is in a 2010 freightliner, pre liquid def, and it literally made a new engine out of it. All issues stopped within a week.

  • I’ve got a 2015 ProStar Eagle with a Maxx Force 13 with Cummins SCR.
    It was 1 of 48 that were used as a test fleet by Swift for 50,000 miles.
    It has the larger volume EGR Valves and the improved oil filter system introduced on the 2014 Maxx Force 13. It also has a much larger radiator and coolant capacity that was specified by Swift. It has a 12 speed Ultrashift automated transmission. It also has a TK APU. Maxx Force engines idle at much higher temp than others and that’s when the most soot is made clogging the DPF.
    Just the words Maxx Force made this truck 25% cheaper than other brands with the same features and miles. I bought this from International in Phoenix for $91K with 52K on the odometer.
    I run a Harbor Freight tools loop from Moreno Valley, CA to San Antonio, TX to Oklahoma City, OK and back to Moreno Valley. No Giant mountains , but Texas Hill Country & a lot of big hills on I-40 in NM & AZ. My average starting weight is 39,000 lbs, returning to California with about 14,000lbs. I limited my cruise control to 65mph and foot throttle at 68.
    The truck now has 322K, my running 52 week fuel average is 9.3MPG. I guess putting 55-70% less hot dirty air into the combustion chamber works and lowers idle temps greatly.
    I have not had a break down or major repair, just normal services and ECM updates(2). BTW the ECM looks the same but I was told at International Phoenix that it’s mostly a Cummins on the inside.
    I replaced the wimpy Mexican brand X shocks with Gabriel Gas SLC shocks and the ride is very comfortable even on concrete slab.
    I have replaced the Left Front Dim bulb 5 times all other lights are original.

    • Lol. Left front dim bulb has been bad on Prostars for years. That same bulb was bad on my 2009 Prostar and bad on my 2014 Prostar.

  • You should for manual testing will see the error code. For 27-7 will be jammed EGR valve, you can overcome by removing and handling the jam with RP7. Type EGR valve until it bounces smoothly

  • In a Municipal fleet (snow plows) our Maxx Force 13 engines seem to have far fewer issues 2013 and newer. Even though the older ones did frequent the dealer, I will say IH paid the bill. I’m happy to learn why we have fewer issues. The drivers like the visibility and comfort of the truck (7600)

  • I drove a Maxxforce 7 diesel 8 cyl in a class 7 like full sized school bus. One hour north of Toronto on mostly rural but some urban suburb low speed streets. The buses were a bear all winter long needing multiple parked regeneration. One in particular went back to local Navistar dealership for new parts and sensors three times. The companies warranty rights run out after 100,000 kilometers. The cost to fix a DPF beyond warranty are astronomical. I also did routine crankcase oil level checks to see how much higher it had gone. Other drivers ignored that issue and stressed the motors. In one case a broken piston. You also gotta wonder what viscosity crankcase oil is when it is cut 25% through bypassed diesel contained in it. Yes quite the star if you buy Navistar!

  • I have a 2013 IHC PROSTAR PRO and have paid a over $10,000 in repairs for EGR issues. So, I can attest Navistar hasn’t fix the issue. My truck has relatively low mileage and still under warranty, but Navistar keeps saying the EGR issue are not cover. I need a little help here.

  • well I was hoping that international had their problems solved as I wanted to buy one of the 2013 max force tractors on sale f0r 19,500 with only 404,000 miles on it, but from reading all of your posts it doesn’t sound like their advertised fix isn’t worth the paper it’s wrote on. shame because the trucks themselves are very nice.

  • I’m thinking of buying a penske international prostar real cheap,with maxxforce 13 and ultra,shift,would it be worth 17k

  • There is a fix, for this it’s an add on for a hydrogen fuel cell, stops regen system because all fuel is converted to 80% octane burns 100% of diesel so no soot adds horsepower and mileage. can be purchased on line and installed by you or mechanic have been using four years works on any rig. Although takes a few days/weeks to clean-up any gunk, my regen was running every day, after hydrogen add-on the fuel was so pure it may activate once every 3-4 weeks. No changes made other than add-on completely legal. It takes a while to search it out, since the website changes from time to time. They have had a lot of resistance from the powers that be. Sorry I cannot recall website at this point as has been 4 years, but I am sure they are out there. FYI I’ve been driving professionally since 1978.

  • I have owned a Navistar 7 Maxxforce diesel for 3 years in my RV. A lot of whining by a few about a lot of nothing! Mine has been 100% problem free, never seen the inside of an International (or any other) repair facility and runs like a beast!

    • Hi Joe: You are the first positive comment I have sen on the Maxxforce 7 for an RV. I am seriously considering the purchase of a 2012 32′ RV with the Maxxforce 7 diesel. What year might your RV be? Thank you, Joe

  • I think that international should just go under and stop selling vehicles since they have already ruined enough people lives and they continue to be untruthful and continue to deceive and charge ridiculous prices for parts and repairs.

  • We have had nothing but trouble with these engines in a school bus fleet. Best move we made was re power to a Cummins. Cost a bunch but at least they are shop every other week for the same problems. We have had buses blow these things up at less than 100k. For an engine that runs maybe four hours a day its pathetic

  • I have a 2015 international 8600 sba with a navistar engine, my check engine light is on and i pulled a code 03226, egr valve, can some one help me where is this part located on my enginr? I loose power going up a hill,….

  • I am looking at a 2012 32′ RV with a Navastar Maxxforce 7 engine. It has 18,000 miles. Am I looking at a maintenance and repair nightmare? thank you.

  • I just purchased 3 – 2012 Prostars Plus Daycabs with the Maxxforce Engines and 10 Speed Ultrashift Auto Transmissions for $16,500 each a month ago. The trucks had 200,000 miles, 400,000 miles and 500,00 miles. It just seemed like a crazy low price… A Lot of Candy for a Dime! They were Fleet trucks from Dallas. The all looked Brand New! The first thing that I noticed was how Quiet they were! They are getting around 6.5 MPG. They run 7 days a week, about 500 miles/day. I am in South Florida, so the terrain is very flat. I use them to pull Milk Tankers, drop & hook, so there is very little idling (other than in traffic in Miami). So Far ZERO Problems! I am thinking about doing the EGR Delete/DPF Bypass. Anyone do this on a Maxxforce yet?

    • Brad,
      I purchased a 2011 8600 transtar with the MF11 for 12k had a touch over 100k miles when I bought it had I pull manufactured homes with the truck so it has a bed and a six way hitch on it now I completely gutted my dpf the truck is basically straight piped rolls cola like the old cats now and runs great no break downs no egr probs just a light on the dash that indicates the dpf is gone I had now ecm re tune the truck has 203k miles on it now runs nearly everyday hauling 50k plus quite often

  • Has anyone had the ‘fix’ to a late 2012 Maxxforce 6.4L or other 6.4L year motor?
    Did the fix work?
    Navistar is being a bit vague on offering information specifically If I give them a vin they won’t tell me if a fix was done on warranty or who they sold the vehicle to. Just asking. Happy to buy one if it’s not going to be a problem

  • I have a 2011 prostar with a maxxforce 13 with a 13 speed. I bought this truck 2 years ago and I run the truck from California to phoenix, San Jose, Sacramento, Portland Oregon I even went to el Paso Texas and I haven’t had any problems like the ones i read on the web?? besides its basic stuff like oil changes etc? I’m pretty happy with this truck I bought it with 490k miles now I have over 640k and still running like a champ! Yes going uphill it feels slow but that doesn’t bother me! Its funny how everyone says the maxxforce is a piece of crap when I hear Cummings, Detroit, paccar etc having the same issues?? Lol I just read a forum on a guy saying to run away from the Detroit dd13-15?? Hmm?? That sounds familiar on what they say about the maxxforce!? I just think if you keep your truck up to date like any other car or truck you should be fine! Just my .02 cents! I have a buddy with a 2012 prostar daycab with a maxxforce 13 and he has zero problems with it! He also bought a 2012 pete 379 with a Cummins and he said he has invested more money on repairing the truck than he has done on the prostar! Maybe maxxforce aren’t that bad as people claim it to be.

  • What is the status of the MF fix now? MY brother wants to buy a 2013 pro for 17.9k with warranty for 5.8k and $300 deductable. I say no. i dont understand why a IH dealer would sell this vehicle without the fix already being done. Even worse the bank will only do 24mos financing.

  • Don’t let them fool you these maxxforce prostars are pure junk. That’s why everyone is taking a loss and practically giving them to China. The “fix” does not fix anything. Diamond renewal is a joke. Do not buy one. Navistar needs a multi billion dollar lawsuit against them. Take one to a shop you are looking at $10,000 to $15,000 repair bill that if you are lucky might last a year. MIGHT. If you have them find a way to get rid of them. If you are looking at buying one, Don’t. Time for navistar to close the doors. They should be ashamed as well as the thieving shops.

  • Pure junk!! We bought a 2014 prostar in Jan. Only had 270,000 miles. The only reason we are staying a float is through rental trucks. If you want bankruptcy, buy a maxxforce.

  • I filed a complaint through the Oklahoma attorney general’s office. They notified international in Oklahoma city and told me if more complaints were filed that they would open an investigation. Please contact you state attorney general and file a complaint.

  • Do Not Buy these trucks I have a 2015 with the N13 the motor problems and emission problems still .400.000 on truck.I have had three coolers and DPF cleaned in less than100.000 miles .Fan gear assymmbly changed twice 110.000 apart slinging oil.The trucks are junk, they just throw another cooler on call it good. Got from the shop to the yard 23 miles, after last cooler change and truck had a leak right where the cooler was changed just under shiftter drained the whole system right on ground called shop they had to send tow and are telling me now the seal in cross over went now may be stuck with bill out of pocket . There was no fix on the 2014 up they are still junk .My truck has been on the road 16 out of the last 72 days .Iam also contacting state attorney general and recommend everyone else do the same

  • I was the Warranty Administrator at an Intl dealership before I retired. We had a ton of claims for the EGR coolers back when I was working. Seems to me that Intl’s Engineering Dept would have had all their ducks in a row BEFORE producing that system for their trucks. Seems to me that I did read an article at one time that they DID know that it wouldn’t perform as they told everyone. We could hardly keep those coolers in stock. It didn’t help their truck image.

  • So, should I worry about the MF7 engine in a 2012 motorhome I found that I really like and has 12,500 miles on it?

  • I own a 2013 32′ motorhome with the MF7 and no issues to date, but I do worry about the engine. Certainly can’t compare my experience with other posts here…I have only have 30,000 miles/600 hours on the engine. All service is done by the local International dealer service dept who has been very upfront about the EGR issues. It is telling that the manufacturer of my motorhome model moved to a Cummins engine starting in 2016. If you do opt for the MF7 unit, expect more frequent services (5,000 mile oil changes) and try to minimize engine idle time.

  • I own a 2011 international prostar, maxxforce 13 engine, has 277098 miles. Don’t have any problems, and has only had to be regenerated 1 time. My only problem with truck is the damn transmission….randomly delays shifting into 5th gear mostly but randomly does it in other gears when it wants to. Gotta get it looked at.

  • I purchase a 2013 International quad dump truck last year this is the truck stays in the shop so much I spend so much money probably about 20 grand trying to keep it afloat I would never recommend Navistar engine maxxforce

  • I have a 2013 International maxxforce engine Navistar worst mistake ever I made in business stays in the shop constantly spend thousands of dollars trying to get it right and you still can’t get it right you need to get rid of this truck ASAP

  • I hade a 2013 international maxxforce Navistar engine , worst mistake I ever made in business , its stay in the shop , spend over 15.000 dollars trying to fix ,and still can’t get it right.they test this and test that put this part on and charge you and that don”t fix the problem you grt a big bill and truck still not fixed.

  • Looking to buy a 6.4l Maxx Force engine in a motor home maybe if some body could help me ? If there were any problems with this motor ken

  • I am purchasing a 2013 prostar with a mf 13 engine. I am semi retired from agriculture and feed manufacture. I have little fear of this engine once an egr delete, complete with blocking plates, has been performed. I have seen these engines go both ways, a million miles, or a million dollars in repair . The difference is getting ahead of the bulk of the headaches by doing the delete and then maintenance, maintenance, maintenance. These trucks are quiet, smooth, and damn cheap. We have bee n running international trucks for fifty years because they built stable, durable trucks. Remember when cummins sold a bunch of junk engines with bad cams? Well, its internationals turn in the pickle barrel. We farm boys have solved the problem, a little less than legal, but we have done it. Dont give up on IH because of this and some lying bean counters.

  • I have a 2015 International 8600 with a N-13 engine, my problem is the next day when I start my engine, and as soon as my govenor blows, it begins to regen, this happens to me every morning, my check engine light goes on and it stays on for two to three days, then it will shut off, couple days later my check engine goes back on, can any one explain to me what is going on? this is not normal….

  • Jose,
    I have the same issue on my 16 prostar with the N13 Had the egr replaced in December. Took it to the shop yesterday for a check engine light. Lo and behold egr again. Every now and then it will blow white smoke before it gets up to operating temp. So if yours is doing the same I would bet it is an egr.
    On the upside I have the 2+2 warranty on it so it has cost me nothing but down time. As far as a smooth quiet running engine I have never run anything so smooth and quiet. Fuel milage could be a bit better. if I run out west I get 5.3 if I run south I get 7 if I stay at 65 or below. The Pro Star as far as trucks go are about as comfortable as they come. I wont buy another one just because of the dog house don’t allow me to stretch out my right leg but for someone younger just getting into the business I would recommend the truck. Just make sure it has the 2+2 factory warranty on it.
    By the way just for everyone’s information the engine is manufactured by Mann International adds the emissions crap to them. The problem is not the engine manufacturers the problem is CARB and the EPA. When Governments want money they create regulations that create industries. It has nothing to do with the environment it is all about money. Who ever thought they would be paying $2.00 a gallon for water with a little uric acid added to it? That my friends is what you pee.

  • I got one prostar Cummins and one prostar n 13 both seem ok one with scr one with just egr,seems like day and night

  • I have 2014 navstar maxxforce, egret just replaced 500 miles ago. Was told I need cooler
    Can’t afford International repairs for all the soot. And I still am making payments
    Now, I feel cheated by my Salesman and the Company. Don’t Buy.

    • I have a 2014 International 5900i paystar with Maxxforce 13 engine. Check engine light is ON,truck loses power and the RPM doesn’t go over 1500. Can anyone help me please?

  • 2014 international maxforce replaced egr 500 miles ago and now bad again. Can’t afford dealer repairs
    Still making payments. Feel cheated by salesman and International
    I went with a trusted name

  • I have a 2012 international prostar and I was thinking about replacing my maxxforce13 engine. What’s a good engine to replace it?

  • I’m thinking of buying a year model 2013 maxxforce is this egr fix going to be a recall or will I have to pay for it this could be a deciding factor of buying it .

    • Manufacturers won’t recall for a performance issue on a seven-year-old vehicle. The only recalls you could get on a vehicle that old would be if it was safety related.

  • Mine goes to smoking around exhaust when going through gears sometimes.
    It has 234,000 miles on it. And exhaust temp light comes on momentarily and goes off.

  • I’m about to buy a 2012 pro star, how can I found out if the changes have been made? and if not how do I go about having the change ?

  • I must admit one of the worst mistakes I ever did in my life was to buy an international truck with a maxforce engine countless hours of time lost from the job and money spent trying to get this problem fixed has it right now our truck is still in the shop now they’re telling me that it was under warranty for the lower valve but now I bet it’s going to be the higher valve EKG valve whatever you call it but this is really been a when it works mistakes in my life by in this truck. If you ever want to call me to talk about it area code 414-491-3851 never again when I buy a international truck.

  • i agree with your assessment and have owned both a 2011 and currently own a 2013 prostar both N13 maxforce engines my 2011 continually had turbo and EGR problems however my 2013 has been a great truck I purchased it used with 330000 miles on it and it now has 640000 on it and have had no emission issues at all however the air compressor went out and i felt as though we are being way over charged for external parts such as 2100.00 for an air compressor and 2600.00 for an altenator or 286.00 for kingpin bushings and you cannot replace the king pins without replacing the whole axle so while they did fix some issues they completely are ruining the reputation by price gauging your customers and this is why the resale value on these trucks will always be awful . That being said my company will never purchase another one new or used we tested many trucks and have decided because of this problem prostar is out of the question for a newer fleet option thankyou for your concern in this matter

  • My 2009 GForce international six straight truck is losing coolant then limp mode…No signs of leaking or exhaust steam etc ? What could this be ? And is there a EGR on this truck ?

  • I just picked up a 2009 Dura Star with the Mega Force. I cant Find and port to add the Exhaust fluid. Its a 4300 do I add it the fuel tank?

  • My n 13 good first year of ownership, second year sucked lots of repairs and issues, third year seems good ,hopefully I can go 1 million I’m halfway there

  • Is my 2013 DuraStar under this warranty “Diamond Renewed program.

    Constantly having the regen light come on.

    Is the 2013 actually a 2012 engine?

  • could you please contact me at your earliest convenience. Ive been having this ongoing problem for a good month.

    My name is Charles Thacker

    thank you

  • Our Terra Star Ambulance has on repeated occasions lost power on the highway and the dash warning light activates. Numerous times sent to the International service department where they can’t diagnose or make the problem repeat itself. You can imagine how frustrating and labor intensive this is when you have to change all of the equipment back and forth. The last service call resulted in a one and a half day use until it happened again and was back in the shop. Has anyone had similar problems and if so, how was it corrected. Our unit is four years old with 57K miles.

  • Im having a problem wit a 2013 International with a maxxforce engine I bought the truck February 15th the truck went down on me February 22nd I got the part fixed on there. Truck went down gain within 2 days and now I’m stuck with a truck in the dealer won’t refund the money on the defective product

  • Hello I have a 2014 international 4300 maxxforce how can I check if my truck has been fixed whit those egr cooler problems

  • will Navistarpay for the up grade or recondition through it’s Diamond Renewed program if a used truck has been sold & found with faulty system as your talking about,,,

  • What is the cost of this fix to a consumer? I have a 2012 ProStar Maxxforce day cab. Bought it as is. Has a miss in it. I have removed the particle filter which is plied up and melted inside. repairable. Stared it up and it still misses and smokes. Am sure egr valve is junk also. Not sure where to go next. Will a in-operable egr valve cause it to miss? Or do you think it caused an injector to fail?

  • I recently purchased a 2011 4300 LP. I found your article about ECM coming lose and the problems that it could possibly cause. Called a dealer in Monroe Michigan and upon looking up the vin # said the truck showed nothing in regards with the Diamond Renewed program. They seamed to know little about the program. I am curious if this truck is still eligible for the Program if the repair has not yet been done. Last 8 of the vin #: BH327943

  • The M1 tank meets EPA emissions without EGR or DPF systems. Trucks need an engine like this that does not put out 1500 hp.

  • we have a 2015 Ghost Navistar, they cleaned exhaust once, it worked for a while ,
    now its acting up again, we just had this Rv for almost two years, it does not have power climbing hills
    It is a beautiful rig a shame
    I can use anyone help, hard to find a Mechanic that works on Diesel.

  • Thank you for this information and it sounds exactly what is wrong with my 2012 Maxxforce 10/11. The question I have is there any help to pay for this upgrade through Navistar or other places? I currently have my motorhome at an International dealership and they have been trying hard to get this motorhome back on the road. I love the power of my Maxxforce, I just need to keep it clean to let it breathe and do it’s job. We have been trying to resolve this aftertreatment system going on 2 years and could really use some help