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Concerned about Mexican truck program

Dear Editor:

Dear Editor:

My e-mail is in response to your article Mexican Invasion? in the October issue of Truck News.

As a trucker’s wife since 1998, I can tell you that the Mexican truck program would be a huge mistake for Canadian drivers as well as US drivers alike. My reasoning behind it is simple, safety issues. Not only for our drivers out there but for the rest of us driving on our roads. All of the truckers I know don’t want to go into Mexico because it is not safe for them to do so. I am referring to personal safety as well as equipment safety. While working at C.A.T. a few years ago, my husband had horror stories about the trailers that would come back from Mexico.

A brand new trailer would come back with graffiti all over it, missing tires, missing lights and sometimes damaged beyond recognition!

Our Canadian drivers take pride in their tractors and how they look, their roadworthiness, etc.

I do not believe that the Mexican government can guarantee the safety of our drivers and their equipment nor are their guidelines up to par as far as their own equipment. Both US and Canadian Departments of Transportation are strict when it comes to the rules and regulations for the drivers as well as their equipment and still, there is equipment out there rolling that should not be. They are understaffed as it is, trying to enforce the rules and regulations on US and Canadian drivers.

Being a trucker is a dangerous job as it is, I don’t think putting them in more danger is fair.

Most of them out there are on forced dispatch and do not have the luxury of turning down a load – in other words, they would not be able to say no to a Mexico-bound load.

Daniela V. Paunache

A concerned trucker’s wife

Via e-mail

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