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Cummins ISX engine receives EPA certification

The first of the Cummins on-highway engines slated for the October 2002 emission standard has been certified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to the 2.5-gram NOx + NMHC standard.In issuing...

The first of the Cummins on-highway engines slated for the October 2002 emission standard has been certified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to the 2.5-gram NOx + NMHC standard.

In issuing the certification of the Cummins ISX, the EPA also affirmed Cummins’ use of Auxiliary Emissions Control Devices (AECD), approved as part of the EPA regulations and certification process, and permitted by law when limited engine protection is necessary under certain operating conditions.

Cummins has also launched a new Web site designed to provide customers with key information about the product line which will meet the October 2002 emissions standards. The site,www.tougheststandards.cummins. com, includes a downloadable video and brochure describing the use of cooled exhaust gas recirculation and variable geometry turbocharging, as well as links to the latest news releases describing Cummins’ progress toward meeting the looming October 2002 deadline.

Cummins first began field testing the ISX engine in December 1999 and will have accumulated over 6 million miles of on-highway vehicle field-testing and 115,000 hours of laboratory tests by October.

The first approved ISX engines have been shipped to International Truck and Engine Corp.

As part of a managed introduction ramp-up plan, the company says it would continue to manufacture and deliver a limited number of engines certified at the new standards to its OEM partners over the following weeks.

FP Diesel offers replacement components and systems

From pistons, piston rings, bearings, gasket sets, complete cylinder and in-frame overhaul kits, any replacement component or system for virtually any medium or heavy-duty engine is now available through the FP Diesel brand from Federal-Mogul.

Federal-Mogul has integrated the Sealed Power medium and heavy-duty engine parts offering into the FP Diesel brand, so distributors and end users can now access the latest technologies for a range of applications, says the company.

“The same comprehensive selection of product technologies that was available through FP Diesel for a very focused segment of the engine population is now available for literally thousands of engines used in the trucking, construction, agricultural and other medium and heavy-duty markets,” says Steve Hildebrand, director of marketing-engine for Federal-Mogul.

Thermo King launches SB-100, C-290 trailer refrigeration

Thermo King has launched a new SB-100 trailer refrigeration unit designed to offer food distribution and grocery companies quiet operation and enhanced temperature control.

The SB-100 offers airflow and capacity up to 18,000 Btu/hour at -20F box temperature and 100F ambient.

The SB-100 comes standard equipped with the single switch TG-VI controller, 12,000-hour service interval coolant and silicone coolant hoses. It utilizes a low-noise Thermo King se 2.2 engine, noise-capturing acoustic grilles, and a bottom panel. An optional Whisper package is also available for additional noise reduction.

The SB-100 includes EMI 3000 as standard, which extends maintenance intervals to 3000 hours. Performance enhancement options include a modulation feature that ensures a continuous supply of moist, cool air to the cargo for tighter temperature control and minimizes dehydration, says the company.

Thermo King has also introduced its new C-290 truck refrigeration unit, designed exclusively for fresh product applications on small trucks and vans.

“We’re providing customers with a unit that is designed to be as easy to operate as possible. At the same time, this product is focused on just the fresh product segment, which allows for streamlining the design and positioning it as an economical alternative to most other products of similar performance,” says Steve Stucky, Thermo King Global Marketing Director.

The C-290 comes standard equipped with an Ultra Slim seven-inch evaporator for maximum cargo loading. It also features automatic defrost, constant air circulation, and offers cooling capacity over 9,500 Btu/hour at 100F ambient.

International rolls out 4200 with new VT 365 V-8 engine

International Truck and Engine Corp.’s 4200 offers improved maneuverability, as a result of an up to a 50 degree wheel cut, and reduces preventive maintenance costs and overall repair time by as much as 20% with the multiplexed electrical system.

The new International VT 365 V-8 diesel engine introduces advanced diesel technologies to provide improved life-cycle value, International claims.

With this engine, International has also unveiled its Electro-Hydraulic Generation Two fuel injection technology, based upon its low-pressure common rail fuel system. The engine is also the first International V-8 to use the electronic variable response turbocharger for improved throttle response, intuitive shift controllers for smoother driving and cooled EGR.

The VT 365, which replaces the International T 444E, is available in ratings of 175, 195, 215 and 230 hp at 2600 rpm with up to 620 lb-ft of torque at its highest rating. The International VT 365 is claimed to provide improved fuel efficiency and increased responsiveness for pickup-and-delivery routes and recovery applications, and can be low-emission vehicle (LEV) certified to meet Clean Fuel Fleet Vehicle requirements, says the company.

The G2 fuel injection system uses digital valve technology and high-pressure injectors to burn fuel. Four valves per cylinder means a more complete mix of fuel and air, giving the engine the capability to run with more power and better combustio, International says.

And cold weather operation is improved with the redesigned glow plug system that provides unaided start-ups in cold ambient temperatures. The fuel filter module also aids start-ups by heating the fuel in cold weather.

Hendrickson AIRTEK now with lightweight unitized hubs

Hendrickson’s AIRTEK integrated front axle and air suspension now comes with a lightweight, maintenance-free unitized aluminum hub manufactured by ConMet.

Hendrickson and ConMet designed, tested and approved the unitized hub system specifically for the demanding requirements of long haul on-highway applications.

Hendrickson says regular lubrication intervals are not required with AIRTEK’s heavy duty rubber suspension bushings and the unitized hubs. Hendrickson’s two-piece knuckle assembly, unique to the STEERTEK axle, eliminates the need to remove the kingpin to service the knuckle. Maintenance and downtime is further reduced due to the elimination of wheel end bearing adjustment.

AIRTEK is currently available on the Freightliner Century Class, Columbia, and Coronado, and Western Star set back axle models. ConMet unitized hubs will be available on AIRTEK beginning early this summer.

Thermo King i-Box enables remote monitoring of data

Thermo King’s new i-Box, a protocol interpreter, gives drivers or fleet/logistics managers access to crucial information and cargo data through the existing tractor-trailer power line cord (PLC) connection. The i-Box enables a direct communications link between the reefer and the tractor, and provides true data connectivity and simplicity, says the company.

“Thermo King is the first commercial application to be granted use of a tractor’s PLC. With that connection, we are able to transmit data such as unit set-point, discharge and return air temperatures, even fuel levels and alarm conditions to several locations, including in-cab or through a modem to any location in the world,” says Brian Meagher, Global Product Manager, Electronics.

Depending on a customer’s needs, the data can also be obtained from the driver or a fleet manager 1000 miles away.

Peterbilt introduces low maintenance brake packages

Peterbilt Motors Company has introduced new low maintenance brake packages available for its full product line it claims will prolong maintenance intervals.

“Our customers are always looking for advantages in economy and efficiency, and, of course, we are always looking for ways to help them find it,” says Dan Sobic, Peterbilt Assistant G
eneral Manager. “One of those ways is the new low maintenance brake options that reduce the need for brake system lubrication, thus reducing our customers’ maintenance costs and downtime.”

There are two new low maintenance brake systems available: The Dana LMS “Lube Free” package includes:

No periodic brake maintenance for 3 years/350,000 miles

Elimination of brake and auto slack lubrication

Three year/350,000 mile-warranty for on-highway applications

Wearable items, such as seals and bushings, are covered by warranty

The Dana LMS “Low Lube” package includes:

Brake and auto slack lube intervals increased to 250,000 miles

Three year/350,000 mile-warranty for on-highway applications

Wearable items, such as seals and bushings, are covered by warranty

International offering Xantrex heavy duty inverter/charger

Xantrex heavy duty inverter/charger is now available as an option on International 9000i Series tractors from International Truck and Engine Corp.

The Xantrex Inverter/Charger transforms DC voltage from a truck’s batteries to household electricity so drivers can have the convenience of in-cab electricity to run the comforts of home while on the road. It also charges the truck’s batteries when connected to a 120-volt power source.

The Xantrex inverter/charger provides 1,100 watts of continuous power and 3,000 watts of peak power.When connected to ‘shorepower’ at a truckstop, terminal, or at home, all 12-volt DC and 120-volt AC loads run off the Xantrex inverter/charger, while it simultaneously charges batteries using a three-stage charging algorithm. To protect the batteries from excessive discharge, the inverter/ charger features an integrated low voltage disconnect system.

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