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Fond memories of Truck News are still with me today

I wrote my first column for Truck News in August, 1990, and I wrote my last column in December, 2003.

Ted Light

Ted Light

I wrote my first column for Truck News in August, 1990, and I wrote my last column in December, 2003.

I have to admit that during those 12-plus years one of the most difficult jobs I had was writing a monthly column. In fact one of the two small promises I made to myself after I left Truck News was never to have to write a column and the other was never to have to again wear a suit, (publisher’s uniform).

Since that last column I have spoken at my parents’ funerals, my son’s wedding and at a legion Remembrance Day, no suits on any of these occasions. I’ve gone tie, Hawaiian shirt, tie, and no one that matters, has been concerned.

And now here I am writing one more column – what gives?

One thing and one thing only, good, indeed great friends asked me to. Truck News is 25-years-old, on so many levels that seems so hard to believe. I remember with great clarity my mother and I helping younger brother Brian put together issue one in his basement.

Mom had artistic talent, her ads looked great, suffice it to say Truck News survived my sad attempts. At that time I wondered if the small investment my parents made in Brian’s dream made sense. Mom thought it did, therefore it did. Not only because the business case made sense, because she believed in her son. As usual mom was right. Brian with his wife, Pam, beside him built Truck News into the most informative publication in the Canadian truck industry. He didn’t do it alone.

In real estate they have a simple saying, location, location, location. Well in publishing that could be simply translated, people, people, people. If there is one constant in the 25 years of Truck News it’s that we have had great people. For me the staff at Truck News has always felt like a family.

Certainly my own family felt like I spent more time with Truck News folks than I did with them. I have neither the time nor the space to tell you about the many wonderful people who have worked to bring you this publication. One thing I can say is that if in your workplace you are surrounded by the quality of people that I was at Truck News you are blessed.

Not only was I lucky to work with such a great team, I was blessed again to work in such a great industry. While publisher of Truck News I had the opportunity to travel to every province and I believe almost every city in Canada. From coast-to-coast the Canadian trucking industry is comprised of some of the finest people I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet.

I was often asked if there was any area or group that I enjoyed more than the rest. My folks hail from the Prairies and I have a real soft spot for the west. I have spent most of my working life and raised my own family in Ontario and I am happy to call it home. But if the truth be known I think one would be hard pressed to meet up with a friendlier group than the truckers from the East Coast. I believe that the warmth emanating from the isle of Newfoundland to be the best kept secret in the country.

I once read that truckers, policemen, and firemen are the people that parents suggest their children turn to if they’re lost or in distress. Over the years I have met thousands of truckers and I must say I agree with those parents. For the 16 years that I worked for Truck News, it was my privilege and pleasure to serve you.

I know that with Rob, Kathy and the rest of the team, Truck News is in good hands as it enters the next 25 years. And now that I broken this little promise to myself you guys can feel free to ask me to write another column on the 50th anniversary of Truck News.

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