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Here’s to you all

Dear editor,This is a letter to all professional truck drivers.Our lives have all changed as a result of the attack on the United States of America on the 11th of September, 2001. In the early hours a...

Dear editor,

This is a letter to all professional truck drivers.

Our lives have all changed as a result of the attack on the United States of America on the 11th of September, 2001. In the early hours and days following the attack, the City of Windsor was near gridlock due to border delays. Stories of 22-hour waits in traffic were not uncommon. It was normal for traffic using the Ambassador Bridge to be backed up on Huron Church Road, past our city limits to the area of Tilbury.

The Windsor Police Service supports the increased security and safety measures that have been initiated at our borders. The safety of Windsor, Detroit, and all of North America is at stake.

We are all starting to get use to some of the delays that are proving to be the new norm. I assure you that commercial traffic travelling into and through the City of Windsor is a priority to us. The Windsor Police Service will utilize all resources available to safely expedite commercial traffic within our city.

I would like to commend you, the professional drivers, for the patience and understanding you have all shown our officers throughout the last month. Many officers have mentioned the outstanding cooperation that has developed between you and our officers, in the movement of traffic. This relationship, which has developed, will prove to be the envy of other police services throughout North America. Your continued support and cooperation will, “Move North America through Windsor.”

Please keep up the good work and be assured that the Windsor Police Service recognizes the value of you and your work in the maintenance of safety at our border crossings

Glenn Stannard

Windsor Police Service Chief

Too good to be true, usually is

Dear editor,

Earlier this month I received a call at my home from an individual, which I have known for some time now. He was asking my opinion on a lease purchase program that was being offered on a new Volvo tractor. It sounded like one of those ‘too good to be true deals,’ nothing down, not much of a background check, no haste no waste. Walk right in and sit right down in your new truck.

These deals ‘smell’ of recruiters who are trying to make their monthly numbers to me, more than people who are concerned that they hire a right fit for the right company. A large U.S. company recently purchased the company offering the deal. Previous to the purchase the company had been somewhat famous in these parts for actively interstating. When I suggested this to this individual, he was well aware of the history of the company, which was another reason for his call to me. He was asking for clarification. He had been told by this recruiter that since this company had been purchased by a U.S.-based company, and that the operations department was now also U.S.-based, that “they fired all the Canadians,” and that he would be quite legal to interstate and would have no problem with the authorities.

It disgusts me to think that we still have people in this industry who will bold face lie to get drivers into their company. The individual who called me, and I’m glad that he did, just purchased a new home for his family. He and his wife have one child in university and another will be attending university in a few years. Can you imagine the disruption to the lives of these people that would be created should this driver be caught at the border?

We all know that the enforcement of the rules is going to be strengthened at the border. The writing has been on the wall ever since 9/11. For anyone who is confused, let me clarify, a Canadian-plated truck being driven by a Canadian citizen cannot operate point to point moves of goods between points in the U.S. No Way! No How! Can’t now, never could! It is ILLEGAL!

In the past, some companies that have been caught have received a slap on the wrist while others were banned from the U.S. forever. What will the new rules look like? Let me take a stab at this. You came to our country, you lied on your logbook and performed an illegal cross border move and you are a visitor to our country. You are the weakest link. Good bye and don’t come back, EVER. As for those who actively practice the age-old art of conning unsuspecting citizens into working for their pitiful excuses of a Trucking Company, I am ashamed to be in the same industry with such low-life con men.

Ray Haight

MacKinnon Transport Inc.

Give me a break

Dear editor,

I just wanted to comment on the lack of locations available in Ontario for truck drivers to stop and rest. Ontario is one of my frequent routes, and I have on several occasions been tired and ready to shut down for the night, and have had to continue on, town after town, looking for an appropriate spot to park my truck for the night.

Some factors that enter into finding a suitable place are parking space availability and access to washroom facilities.

Not only along the 400-Series highways, but also the Trans-Canada in Northwestern Ontario, are each lacking greatly. Roadside pullouts are at times available, but the lack of washrooms is a great inconvenience.

Barry Enns

Newton, Manitoba

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