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Limiters will cause road rage

Dear Editor:

Dear Editor:

It is a good thing to lower the speed limits but I hope they are prepared for the amount of road rage that is going to come their way.

The four-wheelers are going to know where the trucks are limited and play their stupid little games in regards to trucks trying to pass.

There will probably be a lot of truckers out there that will stay away from Ontario.

I don’t suppose the minister really cares that the things purchased by consumers are available because hard-working men and women work their buts off every day to make this happen.

The new OPP chief to me has a terrible dislike for truck drivers.

Yet it’s okay for them to break the very laws they were hired to enforce.

I see it every day as I have video cameras in my truck to record it.

The drivers out there are their own worst enemies.

They continue to tailgate other trucks and cars.

If they want to tailgate me, that’s okay, but when I see it done to a car, especially if there are children in it, it’s just plain stupid.

I travel at the speed they want everyone governed at, and don’t have a problem with it, but when I need that little bit extra to get by it’s nice to have.

My truck isn’t governed, but I guess if it comes to that then I’ll have to put up with it until I retire in three years.

You have a great magazine, keep up the great work!

Bernard Mohan

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