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New pre-trip training now available online

EDMONTON, Alta. - An Alberta-based company has launched a new Web-based training program that brings drivers up to speed on Canada's new pre-trip inspection requirements.

EDMONTON, Alta. – An Alberta-based company has launched a new Web-based training program that brings drivers up to speed on Canada’s new pre-trip inspection requirements.

CayCan Safety Consulting’s Driver Online Training (DOT) program was established to complement the company’s existing classroom and video training programs.

CayCan’s Kris Fulgham explains that the company partnered with an online training development firm to develop a course drivers can take during their spare time without having to come in off the road for classroom training.

“We feel the online environment will allow anyone across the country who has a computer and the Internet to go through, do the training and at the end they’re given a certificate rather than having a company send 20 to 30 employees into a major city and shut down for a day, pay for hotels etc.,” Fulgham says.

Customers are able to log in and take the courses for up to 60 days, so they have plenty of time to complete it. Fulgham says the DOT program will help a carrier reduce its out-of-service rate.

“Drivers will be able to know that if they get pulled in for an inspection, their vehicle is going to pass,” he says. “There’s no need to fear enforcement because you know you’re operating efficiently and safely.”

The company is recommending carriers put their drivers through the DOT program to educate them about Canada’s new pre-trip inspection requirements and also to use it as supplemental training on a regular basis.

“We suggest they go through it every couple years as a refresher,” Fulgham says.

If a customer wants to take the course as a refresher, they are first given a test to see how much information they retained from last time.

If the user scores 80% on the pre-test, the course is adjusted to focus on the 20% the driver struggled with.

While the only DOT program currently offered by CayCan is for the new pre-trip inspection requirements, the company plans to expand to offer programs on Hours-of-Service, load securement and other regulations.

It can also build customized training programs, such as orientation programs, for fleets.

The pre-trip course is available at for $89.99. There’s an online demo available at the Web site, which customers can access for free to see how the program works. For more information, call the company at 877-216-2939.

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