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Thomas-Ritt Associates has partnered with the Municipal Health and Safety Association to create a series of high-impact safety posters. The posters feature attention-grabbing images and provocative he...

Thomas-Ritt Associates has partnered with the Municipal Health and Safety Association to create a series of high-impact safety posters. The posters feature attention-grabbing images and provocative headlines that entice readership. They are available in 22×28″ sizes which fit into readily-available metal snap-edge frames. Prices start at $28 per poster and decrease with volume. A total of 60 large format, full-colour safety posters are now available. They can be viewed at

Permatex has introduced the 1 Minute Gasket, an advanced form-in-place gasket maker that forms a quick, reliable seal that requires no curing time. Parts can be assembled immediately and put back in service without delays or service interruption. Permatex 1 Minute Gasket can be used in place of most cut gaskets in non-fuel applications; and it can be used to form any shape or size gasket, provide a consistent seal on most surfaces, and even works on scored or pitted surfaces. The seal protects against leaks caused by vibration and thermal expansion, and has been fleet tested for more than five million ‘leak-free’ miles in heavy-duty commercial use. More information can be found online at

The Magnatag Visible System’s Vehicle and Equipment Maintenance Schedule dry-erase printed white board kit, simplifies tracking vehicle and equipment usage, and maintenance schedules. The 3′ by 4′ white board tracks up to 66 vehicles or pieces of equipment simultaneously. Magnetic strips with mileage or hour index scales can be positioned horizontally anywhere across the board. Coloured arrows are then placed in each row to display current mileage or hours for a specific vehicle or equipment. To show when maintenance is required or inspections are due, magnets of different colours and shapes can be positioned at intervals across the board. For more information, visit

The ComfortGuard APU System from Cummins features ComfortGuard Cab Air HVAC components for high-performance heating and cooling. The in-cab thermostat can be controlled manually or programmed to start automatically based on thermostat settings or time of day. The ComfortGuard Cab Air installation kit includes quick-connect pre-charged line sets so the system installer doesn’t have to evacuate or charge the system. More information is available at

Truck-Lite has released the Super 80 LED Interior Trailer lamps, a new line of brighter, white LED lamps designed to be direct replacements for most popular sizes and shapes. The aluminum housing weighs two pounds and has a recommended cut-out of 16″x 4″. The lamp protrudes only 0.1″ above the mounting surface and a new potting material completely encapsulates the LEDs’ circuit board to ensure resistance to shock, vibration and fluids from cleaning activities. Information is available at

Tire Lyna is an organic gel solution injected directly into the cavity of a new or used tire and wheel assembly. Tire Lyna’s unique technology aims to control air pressure, keeps tires supple, reduces punctures and bead leaks, and increases retreadability. Additionally, the product fulfills all commercial retreader requirements and does not affect a tire manufacturer’s original casing warranty. The gel solution is guaranteed to help control proper inflation by eliminating air loss due to porosity and bead leaks and by sealing tread punctures up to 1/4-inch. Info is available at

Arrow systems is working with Telus to provide wireless Internet access to the trucking industry using data cards to allow access anywhere within the Telus network. This will allow drivers to send and receive E-Manifest documents from within their vehicle, saving time and money crossing the US/Canada border. Arrow offers a turnkey approach to mobile computing, providing a fully -configured, ready-to-use Windows XP Professional system. The system includes a robust GPS navigation system with the availability of route-specific software and an 8″ touch screen LCD monitor, which mounts to the dash via a patented sub-surface mounting system. For more information, call 866-840-2910.

Truck News

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