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Penny-pinching can be taken a bit too far

Dear Editor:

Dear Editor:

Re: Penny pinching tips for truckers

I have been a truck driver for over 30 years and an owner/operator for 28 of them.

Mr. Dratchev is correct in that you have to find ways to pinch those pennies, and some of his tips were very good, but I think finding ways to save money can be taken a little too far.

Truck stops were built for our convenience and benefit.

Don’t forget when we use their washroom facilities, the truck stop owner has to pay to heat the water, provide washroom supplies and pay staff to keep the washrooms clean. If we all pinched pennies too much, the truck stops would go broke, then where would we be?

Reading the article reminded me of a trip I had out west a few years ago. A group of four drivers got out of a truck at a restaurant and proceeded to the washroom with coffee mugs in hand and filled them with hot water.

Then one of them entered the restaurant and ordered a coffee. The other two followed, but while their buddy ordered his coffee, they would proceed to empty a ketchup bottle into their mugs of hot water they had got from the washroom. They bragged to other drivers that this was their way of getting a cheap lunch – tomato soup!

Those who know me know that I am pretty thrifty too – you have to be. But I think there is a difference in trying to save money where you can when you can, and being downright cheap.

When I go into any establishment, whatever it is (coffee shop, restaurant, department store or truck stop) and use their facilities, I always purchase something. IT may just be a pack of gum, a bottle of water, a coffee…something.

I do this because I used their soap, their hot water and their toilet paper.

Why would it be my right to expect this establishment to provide these necessities for nothing?

My message is, if you can’t afford to buy a coffee in a truck stop, if for no other reason than to show appreciation for the facilities that they provide for those of us who don’t have the luxury of being at home, then perhaps a change of employment with a little better paycheck is in order.

Al Gunson


Orillia, Ont.

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