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Let's harmonizeDear editor,Well I have got say that things are changing.However when I cross the border, where most of the Canadian truckers drive, the changes won't mean a hill of beans.Did anyone ev...

Let’s harmonize

Dear editor,

Well I have got say that things are changing.

However when I cross the border, where most of the Canadian truckers drive, the changes won’t mean a hill of beans.

Did anyone ever look at the fact there are two different H-o-S regulations between the two countries.

Why can’t we make one set of rules?


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Stop targeting us, please

Dear editor,

While you are proposing changes for Hours-of-Service for a transportation driver, consider the doctors, nurses, factory/steel workers, etc.

These people work considerably longer hours than transportation drivers and are not regulated.

What statistics are available to do a comparison on preventable accidents due to an overtired four-wheel driver and the truck driver?

Brenda Dalton

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Beat the clock

Dear editor,

I am an avid reader of Truck News and enjoy most of the articles and stories written by your staff.

I am very lucky to be based out of Winnipeg, as I am home every week, and once in a while have to go on the 14/120 cycle, which is handy.

With the Hours-of-Service rules to be implemented some time soon, I personally hope the debate goes on and that the researchers or specialists in every field linger on realizing that the current system is no good.

Just a point to ponder, have they personally actually driven for a period of six months to actually see what goes on in driver’s daily routines or are they actually in a desk implementing these new regs?

Do they realize that drivers will be gone longer from home?

If I’m in Dryden, Ont., and I hit 70 hours, this driver is going home. I am gone usually four to five days and say “no” if anymore work is to be done upon arrival in Winnipeg.

Learning to say “no” to long trips or extra work should be on the minds of most drivers, but as you know, it all comes down to the almighty dollar.

I could say more, but will keep my opinion short.

Barton Anderson

Winnipeg, Man.

This has gone way too far

Dear editor,

It would figure that the Canadian Trucking Alliance would get behind a system of new hours designed only to keep us from working, instead of lobbying for changes in rates or fuel prices.

There is a lot more fatigue in the general motoring public than there is in our industry, but it is easier to sell it to the public that we are the problem, not them. When are politicians going to get some balls and tell it like it is?

All we are to the federal and provincial governments is a big tax grab and easy pickings at that.

I pay HUGE taxes to drive on those highways so I should be able to use them when I want.

Maybe one day we will find a leader that will represent us and show this government that we are not the bad guys.

Maybe if Mr. Collenette didn’t get his steak this week, because the truck that delivers it couldn’t get there because he ran out of hours he might change his mind.

I would invite the minister to come for a ride with me for a week and see just what goes on. I am sure he would leave with a different view of all the issues.

Don’t be surprised when the industry has had enough and shuts down…there has been plenty of warning.

Robert Summers

Tiverton Ont.

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