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Dear Editor:

(Re: Michigan opens long-delayed bridge truck road, Truck News, July)
I noticed an error in this story that I was surprised would slip past and get into print. The item I am referring to is about the new ramps at the Ambassador Bridge on the Detroit side of the river. The new route is great, we no longer have go like a wagon train through the back streets of Detroit, dealing with stop lights and local traffic.

As a truck driver I can assure you that I am happy that the new ramps are open and useable. But…there is a mistake. You see when you leave the toll booth and turn right onto the new express route, there are two lanes. Both lanes are well marked as to where they will take you.  

On the right lane it will take you around, over, and back down onto I-75 south. There is no north ramp. If you want to go north on I-75 then you must do one of the following: You can take the I-75 south ramp, continue south for two exits, then exit, cross over I-75, and re-enter northbound I-75. Or you can take the left lane and enter onto I-96 west, exit at I-94 east to M-10 (the Lodge) and go south to the connection onto I-75.

You can understand my disappointment when Ron Stang is telling all truckers that they can go either way on I-75. I do a lot of trips that involve using I-75 north. The way it is now causes headaches, especially when it’s traffic time.

All the best, and keep the information coming.

Mary Smith
Windsor, Ont.

Ron Stang responds: I spoke to Rob Morosi with MDOT. In fact MDOT explicitly planned the truck ramp that way because getting on to I-75 immediately from Gateway poses two problems: not enough lane length for trucks to gain speed before encountering I-75 and then having to make two tight turns, the first a right on to I-75 for a couple of miles and then an extremely tight raised ramp left where I-375 meets I-75. MDOT decided it was an easier and safer drive for truckers to do the “convoluted” drive west on I-96 and then right on I-94 and then left on I-75 heading north.

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