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The Ongoing Debate On Speed Limiters

Dear Editor:

Dear Editor:

This is in response to Lou Smyrlis’ blog dated July 15 on Trucknews.comand his remarks about Joanne Ritchie’s speed limiter comments.

First of all let me thank all of you for all the effort you expend on our behalf, but you’re missing the point on the speed limiter issue.

I’ve split my 27 years about down the middle between owner/ op and company driver and I hate the speed limiter, not because it has slowed me down because it hasn’t.

I drove the speed limit before and I drive the speed limit now. The problem with speed limiters is now it’s a lot harder to maintain my comfort zone on the highway and it has had a negative effect on my fuel mileage.

Everybody is arguing about rights and nobody is getting it right. As for your opinion about Joanne’s comments, you both have a point but it’s all getting so muddled that to the unknowing public we must surely be such a bunch of hillbillies that need to be controlled.

This legislation is nothing more than the OTA bullying its way for its members who have been speed-limited for years and finding a very willing coconspirator in an MPP who if I’m not mistaken tried to get trucks restricted to the right lane only on 400-series highways a few years back.

More than anything I’m frustrated with the new law because I’ve always paid great attention to fuel mileage and safety and have got absolutely nothing but my pride to show for it.

Paul Matchett

Via e-mail

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