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Shippers and carriers share their insights on how to survive the downturn and thrive in the recovery

Shippers and carriers share their insights on how to survive the downturn and thrive in the recovery

As we were putting together our Decisions 2010 report, we received word from Statistics Canada that the economy is finally officially out of recession after posting 0.4% annualized growth in the third quarter. While this was very welcome news for motor carriers who have been besieged for several years now with a sharp decline in freight volumes and freight rates, it wasn’t all that was hoped for. Canada appears to be lurching out of recession at a crawl rather than with a leap as during past economic slowdowns. And, just as bad, the US, our largest trading partner, is also expected to just crawl out of recession during 2010. Most economists agree recovery next year will be slow, volatile and uneven.

Carriers and shippers who survived the downturn of 2009 were able to do so by deploying some drastic departures from past practices. How can they best weather and thrive in the recovery of 2010? Find out as carriers and shippers share their insights in our fourth annual Issues Roundtable. In recent months, in partnership with Dan Goodwill and Associates, we hosted two panels featuring some of the sharpest minds in over-the-road transportation. Watch also for video clips of their comments in special instalments of our award-winning Web TV show Transportation Matters.

BIG Transportation Media, through its ownership of both motor carrier and shipper publications, is in the unique position of being able to see issues from “both sides of the fence.” We consider it our mandate to foster dialogue between buyers and providers of transportation services. Our annual Shipper-Carrier Issues Roundtable, which is published in both our carrier and shipper publications, is a step towards that goal. It allows buyers and providers of transportation services across the country to gain a more well-rounded understanding of the issues at hand.

This roundtable would not have been possible without the support, once again, of Shaw Tracking and I wish to thank this highly respected industry player for its involvement. I would also like to thank all the shipper and carrier participants who took time out of their hectic schedules to make this educational opportunity a possibility, as well as Dan Goodwill and Associates which played a major role this year in bringing such key industry players together. As with past participants, these individuals were specifically chosen because of the high-esteem with which they are held within the transportation industry and their insightful and honest contributions certainly showed why.

Lou Smyrlis Editorial Director


From the Sponsor

Shaw Tracking, offers integrated onboard computing technology and value-add wireless data solutions for the Canadian transportation, mobile workforce and logistics industries. For over 19 years, Shaw Tracking has been focused on providing scalable over-the road fleet management business solutions for organizations of all sizes.

With over 750 customers and 42,000 vehicles, Shaw Tracking has established economic payback and proven results. Shaw Tracking continues to support the transportation industry and provide technology solutions to meet the evolving needs of carriers.

Acting as Founding Sponsor of the “Shipper-Carrier Issues Roundtable,” Shaw Tracking is pleased to continue to support the dialogue among all aspects of the supply chain and the challenges industry stakeholders are dealing with for the fourth year in a row. Shaw Tracking anticipates 2010 to be a year of carriers continuing to manage costs and improving productivity through technology solutions while preparing for recovery and growth.

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