CTA urges truckers not to interfere with traffic

by Today's Trucking

The Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA) is imploring truckers not to block traffic in protest of vaccination requirements for cross-border truckers that went into effect Jan. 15.

There were local media reports of trucking protests near the Emerson border crossing in Manitoba earlier this week.

“The CTA does not support and strongly disapproves of any protests on public roadways, highways and bridges,” the alliance said in a statement. “CTA believes such actions – especially those that interfere with public safety – are not how disagreement with government policies should be expressed.”

The CTA said truckers wanting to voice their disapproval with government regulations should organize a lawful event on Parliament Hill. Information on how to do so can be found here.

Or, added CTA, truckers can contact their local MP to express their concerns.

Protesting truck driver

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  • I and others camped out for disabled against from Jan 24 to March 17 and I was told I was good the problem would be improved 2 years later nothing. Drivers you are doing the right thing

  • So they are to spend more money to protest. What a crock do you not realize lots of these guys are already suffering. You might as well hang a cupe sign around your neck. Another useless corrupt pos

  • Unfortunately, anti lockdown/mandate protests are NOT being publicized on MSM media so they have very little impact on the public at large or the government. You might as well protest in your living room for the good it’s getting. Is it any wonder protests need to expand so the public can finally see and understand. Only getting one side of the story is fueling hate and division

  • How has CTA helped through diplomatic means? They’ve had plenty of time without results! Perhaps they’re worried this will have a positive effect without them getting the credit? This is how a healthy democratic society works – citizens must assume their responsibility to hold governments in check. Think about the millions of lives that would have been saved if the German citizens would have stood up to their governments while they still could!

    • Well said, Mark. Our governments need to get it through their heads that the citizens govern the country. The elected are to enact measures that the public demands. As it currently stands, government thinks the electorate owes them our obedience. We have no one to blame but ourselves. Canadians need to stop thinking our governments are in charge when in truth it is “WE” who are to be in charge.

      • The CTA ONLY CATERS TO THE BIG TRUCKING COMPANIES like the largest ones who recieved MILLIONS of Dollars in Emergency wage Benefits then paid MILLIONS TO THE DIRECTORS & Shareholders.
        The CTA PANDERS TO the Government and big business to keep rates down and UNDERPAY the people who have exposed themselves to the Virus from the Very beginning and were asked to eat out of a paper bag and the use that same paper bag as a Bathroom after …….. we truck drivers were HEROS a year an 1/2 ago now we are ZERO’S because of some push back.

  • They are doing the right thing. Your MP will do nothing, they stick up for the goverment that wants to ruin are economy. They don’t care one bit about the average Canadian.
    The best thing they could do is stop trucking. Let the stores empty. Let the public scream that they are hungry, then maybe the government will listen. All governments need to be canned.
    This world is doomed.

  • The Commie Trucking Alliance offers nothing to the driver, just another tentacle of the corrupt government of what used to be Canada. Guess what ! We don’t give a rats ass what you “implore”.

  • Totally stupid. Now the general population will think the majority of truckers are antivax. I desagree with such mesures. I would protest against insurance, elog and broker agencies but never against my own people. Specially the front line workers. I’m really desapointed.

    • I also think ont insurance is a disaster elogs without hourly pay or parking at receiving. But I think I should be a choice I have had 3 shots because of health issues for 5 months and I am homeless. It is your choice to protest it not just if got the shot but the ability to choose. We should stand together.

  • Block it broders. You want organized protests they won’t give a shit about you as long they’re not touched by that. Block it sow the people realize this is a communist propaganda and brain washing so they can make big pockets of money. Also people need to realize that everything they have or use or eat it’s been hauled by a truck driver on a truck

  • Words don’t work? Action Action Action, that’s the words of the day, shut this clown show down, the government needs a real wake up call, Big 10/4 to all the truckers who support freedom

  • For sure the CTA will come out with that kind of statement it is up to the owner op and company drivers to decide for themselves and having to be over doing it on checking your equipment it is not a confrontation but going rog
    will make this government to open their hears and eyes perhaps they will run out of paper toilet??

  • The CTA represents trucking companies, NOT truckers. I couldn’t care less about their self-interested lecturing.

  • U people are a bunch of ass kisser. I have been trucking for 46 years and always have been treated as a 3 class citizen. It is time we get some respect. The only thing that trucks don’t deliver are babies. Sit on your frackin lorals and collect a paycheck. The only supply chain in this country are trucks. So get a grip on reality. A diehard trucker keeping Canada’s supplies met.
    Yours sincerely
    Edward G. Mayhew

  • I disagree with the, Hey! Talk to the government or call your “less than useless M.P”. Lots of good that’ll do anybody. In the meantime the rest of Canada suffers with shortages because we don’t have any drivers avaliable. I believe the moronic government should figure out a different course of action. I just commented on FB about this and I’ll say it again, “Truckers are crossing the border, going to put the trailer in a dock somewhere to unload and possibly picking up a load to go back. They’re not coming to your house for a visit!

  • Just their way of having you guys look bad if rules aren’t followed. Bet these all all just new rules since they found out you guys mean business. Glad you’re ahead of the game. Roll on guys!!!

  • I hate to say it because the CTA is by no means an advocate for truckers, but, they are right, and the truckers are entirely wrong in this particular set of protests.

    Working conditions for truckers have been steadily worsening for over 30 years, now. The vast increase in spectacular crashes involving heavy transports is a symptom of that fact, and the disinterest evident by all other groups involved – corporate associations, government agencies at all levels, et c., guarantees that our situation will continue worsening exponentially.

    What is a driver to do, beside firing letters to all and sundry, and pulling his (or her) seat belt a little tighter?

  • Get the jab you are holding up the health care system. You are only 15 percent that are saying no. Grow up work together. People cant get health care waiting for you. I am a truck driver for over 40 years and had 3 jabs. I feel fine!

  • As one of the thousands of truck drivers here in Canada we have not stopped doing our jobs through out this pandemic and yet we are treated with disrespect and yet we keep rolling down the highway’s.
    Many years ago the truck drivers got together and shut down the highway’s to get there point across.
    This time my fellow truck drivers are coming from both ends of Canada and meeting in Ottawa to get the point across because without us this country shuts down completely .
    I’m so proud to be a Canadian and overwhelmed to see just how many Canadians have come together that have had enough with our sole called government and are also stepping up to the plate and have joined the convoy.
    As for the C.T.A. shut up or join the fight for freedom because we the Canadians have had enough…