AI focuses on predictive diagnostics

Ottawa-based Optimum Fleet Health offers Optimum VRx, a service using artificial intelligence to reduce or eliminate unplanned repairs and downtime. It’s claimed to be the only predictive — and prescriptive — maintenance tool in the transportation industry that detects maintenance concerns, predicts time to failure, and prescribes a detailed step-by-step solution up to four weeks in advance of component issues. It provides an immediate fleet-wide health assessment in real time.

Using data transmitted from a fleet’s telematics service provider, the Optimum VRx predictive ‘engine’ analyzes over 8000 proprietary key performance indicators. These indicators help detect unforeseen issues, long before a vehicle system fault becomes activated, ultimately preventing unscheduled repairs and costly downtime. It reduces diagnostics time by as much as 85%, the company says.

No hardware installation is required. A fee is charged per truck, making it suitable for a fleet of any size.

Optimum VRx is a map-based solution providing an at-a-glance health status for an entire fleet, vehicle by vehicle. Its integrated dashboard breaks down issues for all major vehicle components including engine, exhaust, electrical, brakes, coolant, fuel, and transmission. Alerts are automatically sent to authorized personnel via email or text. All reports can be viewed online, by email, or through web browsers. 

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