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Rolf Lockwood

New from Technical Training Services is the Air Brake Interactive Quick Study TT program covering tractor trailer air-brake systems, mate to a previously introduced straight truck offering, Quick Study ST.

New air brake self-study course from AirBrake InteractiveThe latter has been popular with municipal fleets and fire departments, while the newer program caters to freight-hauling fleets.

What makes these programs different from the company’s other courses is that they’re designed as self-study programs. All visuals and animation are voice-narrated, so the programs are  ‘watch, listen, and learn’.

The interactive Quick Study TT program, like the ‘ST’ version, uses detailed visuals and state-of-the-art, voice-narrated, multimedia air-brake circuit and component animations. They allow users to see, hear, and learn how a typical tractor-trailer air brake system functions, how to quickly and effectively conduct air-system inspections, and perform simple but effective functional tests and daily routine maintenance.

There’s no reading required, the company emphasizes. All illustrations and animations are voice-narrated.

The program is designed to provide drivers, driver trainers, mechanics, service trainers, parts-counter personnel, and fleet managers with a thorough understanding of all aspects of modern tractor-trailer air brake systems.

The multimedia presentation consists of 80 voice-narrated visuals and air-system animations. The program can be employed as a classroom instruction presentation or installed on a server for individual employee access through a local area network or intranet.

Rolf Lockwood

Rolf Lockwood is editor emeritus of Today's Trucking and a regular contributor to

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