Detachable gooseneck trailer boasts 15-inch deck height

by Truck News

XL Specialized Trailers’ XL 110  low-profile hydraulic detachable gooseneck trailer has been unveiled with a 15-inch loaded deck height, which the company says is the lowest in the industry and can accommodate loads that would otherwise need a dropside trailer.

The trailer has a 110,000-lb. capacity in 12 feet, while its 13-foot gooseneck has a swing clearance of 110 inches. The relief cutout in the gooseneck offers added space between the truck and trailer.

The trailer’s neck can be removed with a wet kit or power unit when loading and unloading. It also has a five-position ride height. Based on the neck position and load, the deck can be leveled with the adjustable wheel area ride height.

A work light is found in the upper deck to support loading at night.

Main decks are built with T-1 flange and 80k webs, as well as six-inch and four-inch stubbed junior I-beams on 12-inch centers. Decks are made of an Apitong hardwood, and there’s a 4.5-inch ground clearance.

Construction-friendly features include a bucket well in the rear that can hold an excavator bucket without detaching the lower boom section. For securing loads, the main deck includes four flat D-rings inside the front toolbox and bucket well, seven pairs of bent D-rings along the outer beams, 13 chain drops per side, and swing-out outriggers on 24-inch centers.

The wheel area includes bolt-on heavy-duty wheel covers, and the third axle airlift can lift up when not needed. And the frame is prepped for a flip axle as well.

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