Rand McNally’s IntelliRoute TND 510

Rand McNally says the new software release for its IntelliRoute TND 510 truck GPS unit includes updated map data, additional trucking points of interest, and many of the new features from the new TND 720 released in June.

TND 510 units will ship with the upgraded software as of this month, but the upgrade also can be downloaded from the Rand McNally Dock onto existing units for participants in Rand McNally’s Lifetime Maps program. Free Lifetime Maps are being offered on new TND 510 and 720 devices between now and the end of the year.

The new software features fully updated road data with truck-specific information such as speed limits, legal and physical restrictions, and truck restriction data. It also includes fully updated points of interest, including truckstops, weigh stations, and locations at the exits ahead.

Fuel logs – accessible from the Virtual Dashboard or Truck Tools — allow drivers to record fuel purchases for a trip.

The ‘Avoid State or Province’ preference means drivers can choose routes that avoid seasonal road conditions, hazmat constraints, tolls, construction, etc.

The text-to-speech feature reduces distracted driving by providing spoken alert information for imported items such as red light cameras.

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