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Haldex introduces new products, partners and award

LOUISVILLE, Ky. - Haldex made several new introductions at this year's Mid-America Trucking Show, not the least of which was ModulAIR - a new product to advance the air management and distribution fun...

THREE IN ONE: With ModulAIR, Haldex combined air treatment, intelligent control, and distribution within one modular platform.

THREE IN ONE: With ModulAIR, Haldex combined air treatment, intelligent control, and distribution within one modular platform.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – Haldex made several new introductions at this year’s Mid-America Trucking Show, not the least of which was ModulAIR – a new product to advance the air management and distribution function within vehicle air systems.

With ModulAIR, Haldex combined air treatment, intelligent control and distribution within one modular platform. In its most basic form, it is a mechanical air dryer.

Equipped with the latest sensor and solenoid technology, ModulAIR monitors engine and air flow conditions.

The intelligent regeneration ensures that the unit only regenerates when necessary, thereby reducing power consumption. Or, in severe duty applications, the unit purges as frequently as necessary to prevent fouling the desiccant.

ModulAIR integrates the system check valves, air governor and regeneration system without a separate purge to eliminate failure points.

With fewer components and fewer failure points, ModulAIR reduces maintenance, said company officials. And, its compact size reduces system weight and enables fast installation and customization.

Haldex also introduced its newest air brake system product, the 365 Compressor at the Mid-America Trucking Show.

Boasting the highest drive-thru torque capacity and the highest turbo-charged inlet pressure capability in the industry, according to company claims, the high output, twin-cylinder 365 Compressor meets the needs of demanding applications.

The twin-cylinder compressor produces less vibration and less pulsation, resulting in longer compressor life, said officials, adding an aluminum head reduces the compressor’s weight in addition to reducing operating noise. Reed valving provides higher volumetric efficiency to the 365cc compressor.

A water-cooled block and head generate lower exhaust temperatures.

By using advanced manufacturing processes and high-grade, quality materials, like the thru-hardened crankshaft and the robust crankcase, the Haldex 365 Compressor delivers long-lasting durability, performance and reliability for outstanding value, said Haldex officials.

The compressor is also available in a naturally aspirated model or a 70-psi turbo-charged operation model.

Haldex officials also unveiled a new lining wear sensor.

The Electronic Lining Wear Sensor continuously monitors wear on vehicle drum brake linings.

The monitoring sensor indicates when linings are worn out, eliminating the need for manual measuring or visual indicators, said company officials.

The constant flow of data on brake lining also provides information that can be used to improve control, safety, efficiency and operating profits.

With a sensor on every wheel, wear monitoring helps to determine the optimum time to replace the vehicle’s brake linings, allowing preventive maintenance to be scheduled, preventing unexpected downtime.

The Electronic Lining Wear Sensor integrates with the electronic braking system and most on-board diagnostic systems.

And it installs onto most existing spline-types S-cam shafts by mounting to the Haldex S-ABA, then connecting the signal cable, said company officials.

Because the S-cam shaft angle directly correlates to lining wear, the sensor continuously measures the angle of the S-cam shaft on the drum brake, which changes when the automatic brake adjuster alters the brake.

With two internal parts, the Electronic Lining Wear Sensor is made up of seven magnetically-sensitive Hall Effect Sensors and a built-in magnetic disc which rotates along with the S-cam shaft. A microprocessor collects data from the sensors.

This data is translated into a digital signal, corresponding to the angle of the S-Cam shaft.

In turn, the digital signal is converted into an analog signal before transmitting data to the vehicle. The accuracy of the sensor is better than +/-3 per cent.

Haldex also launched the new Haldex EB+ TRS Roll Stability System at Mid-America.

The system reduces the possibilities of combination vehicle rollovers by monitoring the trailer’s centre of gravity, company officials said.

Equipped with information regarding the trailer’s lateral acceleration, pressure from the air suspension and wheel speed, the EB+ TRS determines when a trailer is approaching its rollover threshold.

If it is approaching the threshold, the trailer brakes are applied as required to slow the vehicle and improve its stability.

Company officials said EB+ TRS provides low installation costs and high reliability through the following features:

* PLC for diagnostics and communications with towing vehicle

* Push-to-connect, weather-tight electrical connectors that require no tools

* Fewer electrical connections with integrated pressure transducers and lateral accelerometer

* Expandable architecture to easily upgrade auxiliary capabilities

* Electronic Odometer capability

* Diagnostics through an Info Centre tool

* PC diagnostic capability

* Compatible with all towing vehicles, complying with FMVSS 121

The EB+ TRS system reacts to pneumatic or digital signals from the towing vehicle, including signals from an air suspension equipped trailer.

The system electronically processes the signals and regulates pressure to the brake chambers in response to those signals. Meeting FMVSS 121 requirements and manufactured to survive the toughest conditions, the Haldex EB+ TRS is backed by an ABS warranty.

Haldex officials also announced they will cooperate on making Haldex brakes and controls technology standard on Hendrickson integrated suspensions and axle systems. (Although Hendrickson will continue to make available alternative brake and control products as options while Haldex will continue to supply other suspension and axle companies.)

And last but not least Haldex and partners launched a new technician of year award. Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC, Dayton Parts, LLC (DP, LLC), Haldex and SKF joined forces to create the Technician of the Year Award program.

The program recognizes a fleet’s superstar technician who exemplifies the best qualities of the profession, including his/her technical and mechanical experience, service specialties and overall contributions to the industry.

Throughout the year, fleet managers will have the opportunity to nominate a technician by visiting or by clicking the link available on each of the four participating sponsor company Web sites.

Following the annual Nov. 1 nominating deadline, a panel of independent judges from various heavy-duty industry organizations and the four company sponsors, will choose a winner from the pool of applications.

The winning technician will receive a VIP trip to NASCAR’s first race of 2006 as an Honorary Pit Crew Member for one of Richard Childress Racing’s three NASCAR NEXTEL Cup teams. Additionally, the technician and his/her fleet will receive national recognition from select trucking industry trade publications.

For more information on the Technician of the Year Program or to nominate a technician, visit

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