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Halex unveils new air management product

LOUISVILLE, Ky.- Haldex has introduced its latest product to advance the air management and distribution function w...

LOUISVILLE, Ky.- Haldex has introduced its latest product to advance the air management and distribution function within vehicle air systems – ModulAIR.

With ModulAIR, Haldex has combined air treatment, intelligent control and distribution within one modular platform. The reduction of components into an integrated air management system reduces system size and weight, extends life, lowers maintenance costs and minimizes failure points for heavy duty truck and bus applications, say company officials.

The new, modular-designed ModulAIR provides a new family of products to meet the needs of various global applications. In its most basic form, it is a mechanical air dryer. With add-on modules and an electronic control unit (ECU), it covers advanced solutions in air management for air brake systems, suspension controls and auxiliary engine functions. Equipped with the latest sensor and solenoid technology, ModulAIR monitors engine and air flow conditions. The ModulAIR also provides in-cab feedback to the driver. The intelligent regeneration insures that the unit only regenerates when necessary, thereby reducing power consumption. Or, in severe duty applications, the unit purges as frequently as necessary to prevent fouling the desiccant.

ModulAIR integrates the system check valves, air governor and regeneration system without a separate purge to eliminate failure points. With fewer components and fewer failure points, ModulAIR reduces maintenance. And, its compact size reduces system weight and enables fast and easy installation and customization.

Nothing keeps air brake systems dryer, while eliminating oil, than the 5-stage Multi-Treatment Cartridge (MTC) of ModulAIR, say company officials. The MTC effectively eliminates oil while maintaining high water adsorption capability. With water drying capacity up to three times more than competitive cartridges, the exceptional drying capacity of the MTC reduces corrosion and freezing problems. The extended desiccant service life results in fewer replacements and more consistent air quality to the air brake system. The robust four-bolt quick change cartridge design allows for fast field maintenance.

About Haldex

Haldex Commercial Vehicle Systems ( is a leading manufacturer and distributor of heavy-duty air brake system and suspension control system components. Haldex Commercial Vehicle Systems is a part of Haldex Group.

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