The lightweight Vortex brake drum, introduced earlier this year, is now available for aftermarket replacement needs from Webb Wheel Products. It’s a 16.5-x-7 drum weighing 100 lb produced from standard gray-iron metallurgy, an alternative replacement drum for more expensive steel-shelled or other lightweight drums used in tractor rear and trailer applications.

The patent-pending Webb VORTEX design profile with reinforcing center band and ribs results in a conventional gray iron brake drum that weighs less, but does not compromise the structural integrity, reliability, and braking capabilities expected in heavier drums.  The advanced technology contour adds 15% to the surface area and conducts heat away from the brake surface for superior heat dissipation and maximum lining life.   FMVSS 121 test results indicate that the Webb VORTEX runs 75° to 175° cooler than competitive drums, is structurally strong and has exceptional stopping performance.  Additional test data and other performance criteria for the Webb VORTEX drum can be found at  Contact a Webb sales representative at to learn more about the advantages of replacing your worn brake drums with the Webb VORTEX.

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