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LEHIGH VALLEY, Pa. -- Mack Trucks says its 12-litre Mack E-TECH engine, combined with cooled exhaust gas re-circula...

LEHIGH VALLEY, Pa. — Mack Trucks says its 12-litre Mack E-TECH engine, combined with cooled exhaust gas re-circulation (EGR), will be ready to meet the environmental protection agency’s 2002 emissions requirements.

Mack says its tough engineering development targets have even enabled the new E-TECH to better the coming federal standards by 10 to 20 per cent. At the same time, the company insists it will offer the new design in a high-output, 460-horsepower rating.

“These emissions levels were first achieved in 2000, and have been consistently maintained as we’ve moved forward with the refinement of the overall engine performance calibrations,” says Stephen Homcha, Mack executive vice-president, Class 8 programs. “Based on our consistent progress to date, we’re confident that we will be able to deliver a product that meets the new emissions requirements while satisfying the demanding performance expectations of Mack customers.”

Mack confirmed that the cornerstone technology of the engine will be cooled EGR, which the company contends is the most viable technology for meeting the emissions standards for oxides of nitrogen (NOx) and particulates in the 2002 time frame.

However, the manufacturer says EGR will not be the sole technology used to satisfy the requirements. In addition to EGR, Mack engineers will utilize new technologies that will be progressively introduced in the E-TECH engine between now and 2002. Without divulging additional details, the company stated that one key element of its strategy will be a significant evolution of the engine’s unit pump fuel system, in which Mack will deploy flexible injection capabilities as early as the second half of 2001.

“Mack is convinced that for an integrated manufacturer, cooled EGR technology is the answer to the 2002 challenge,” says Homcha. “Our engineers are developing the engine and the vehicle installation package simultaneously, which is allowing us to move smoothly from development to commercialization within the tight implementation time frame of 2002.”

In this regard, Mack is set to launch factory builds of both the engines, and vehicles equipped with the 12-litre E-TECH, by the middle of 2001. The company says this will ensure everything will be in place well in advance of the October 2002 deadline.

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