GreenRoad mobile app for managers

GreenRoad now offers the ‘GreenRoad Central’ mobile app for managers, via  smartphone, making driver performance and safety information available anytime, anywhere. It’s a mobile companion to the online GreenRoad Central dashboard that provides driver and safety data and reports.  The new app runs on Apple iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) and Android mobile and tablet devices. It’s available now for download from Google Play and the Apple App Store.

The company says it has also made “significant” upgrades to GreenRoad Central, the cloud-based hub of the service.  They include smarter report functionality, new speeding reports, a navigation capability, and vehicle-based dashboard metrics.

The new mobile app features real-time fleet location, including street address detail. Managers can see where each driver is, at any time, by address. There’s also the Safety Score dashboard for all fleet drivers. Driver data is centered on this, a rating compiled from actual real-time driving events. The mobile app gives quick access to driver Safety Scores with views filtered by highest-and-lowest ranking drivers, or the ability to zoom in to see specific, individual driver detail.

As well, there’s real-time access to each individual driver’s mobile dashboard.

Featured in the new release of GreenRoad Central is an expanded report catalog, now including both posted-speed and fleet-speed violation reports. They deliver detail on the timing, distribution, location and severity of fleet-wide speeding events.

GreenRoad claims to provide dramatic reductions in fuel consumption and accidents, meaning “positive ROI within 60-90 days.”

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