The new Supra 950MT straight-truck refrigeration unit from Carrier Transicold delivers high-capacity performance plus better serviceability, lower sound output, and improved appearance compared to its predecessor, the company says. It also features electric standby capability, which means it can be plugged into a power supply when stationary, eliminating the need to consume diesel fuel during loading and unloading.

Carrier says it took the best features of the 950MT’s predecessor, the Genesis R90, and combined them with the improved features of the latest Supra single-temp units.

The new system has a cooling capacity of 20,500 Btu/h at a setpoint of 0 F at 100 F ambient conditions. As a split system, it uses separate SlimLine evaporators for each of two cooling compartments within the cargo area. Without a host evaporator at the front, truck owners have greater flexibility configuring compartments.

Electrical systems were redesigned to be simpler, more efficient and more robust for improved reliability and serviceability, Carrier says. Heating functionality no longer requires a separate capacitor module, making the system easier to install.

The new unit features a dual-purpose standby motor. Rather than having separate components, the motor also works as an induction generator, providing power to run heaters and fans.

The Supra 950MT also includes an improved belt-tensioning system, an extended oil-drain fitting, and other features for ease of service. As with other Supra units, Carrier says the housing has a more streamlined appearance while also offering better acoustics, viewing ports for checking fluid levels without opening doors on the unit, and grab bars on both sides that provide convenient grips for service technicians.

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