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New T300 options a hit with propane hauler

JOHNSTOWN, Col. -- CDR Propane owner Cliff Rutt says he just had to own a Kenworth T300 when the company announced...

JOHNSTOWN, Col. — CDR Propane owner Cliff Rutt says he just had to own a Kenworth T300 when the company announced a number of new options.

Rutt felt the new options such as a center console containing a workstation and optional corner windows that help with maneuvering in tight quarters, would impact his productivity, comfort and visibility.

"For the work we do, we need a rugged, reliable truck that can go where the maps show there aren’t any roads," Rutt said. "The Kenworth T300 handles the dirt roads, maneuvers easily around equipment and fences, and carries our payload to some pretty out-of-the-way places. And now with these new features inside and outside, the T300 keeps getting better."

CDR delivers propane to companies at remote job sites drilling for oil and natural gas. The propane is used to heat the water that is pumped into the ground along with an industrial gel and sand to open up rock formations and allow oil or natural gas to flow into a perforated drilling pipe. Rutt spec’d a longer wheelbase which allowed him to equip his 2005 T300 with a 3,200-gallon tank (his 2001 model was only able to carry a 3,000 gallon tank).

Rutt also says the corner windows have greatly improved visibility while backing up to drilling sites.

"The corner windows were an important consideration because we drive on remote roads with sharp turns where it’s often hard to see," said Rutt.

Other new features included improved cab lighting and new standard complex reflector headlamps. Rutt’s new T300 also boasts en electrically controlled passenger side window.

"All in all, I’m extremely pleased with my new T300," Rutt said. "The Cummins 315-hp engine driven through the 6-speed automatic Allison transmission makes it easier to drive, the interior is more comfortable and the cost of operation is steadily going down."

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