Total Canada has launched what it calls a revolutionary engine oil, Rubia Works 2000 FE 10W-30. It’s unique mainly because it’s suited to both off-road machinery and over-the-road trucks, a semi-synthetic lubricant that brings an FE spec — for fuel economy — to the heavy equipment, mining, and agriculture industries as well as transportation.

That makes it ideal for mixed fleets.

The new lube has all the properties of Rubia FE 7900, an oil launched in 2008 for on-highway trucking use, while adding the fuel-saving feature and other benefits to off-road machinery. It’s suited to engines with or without diesel particulate filters. Both Rubia lubricants are blended at Total’s plant in Montreal.

As a 10W-30 grade oil, Total says Rubia 2000 FE will greatly facilitate engine starting in cold weather and at the same time reduce engine wear, 70% of which is generated at start-up.

The product meets international standards, including the most stringent American, European and Japanese manufacturer requirements, with low ash content and the ability to reduce engine oil consumption, says Total.


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