OTA’s VanderZwaag named to Spectra advisory board

TORONTO — Spectra Inc., Canadian maker of brake safety products for trucks, has announced the appointment of Rolf VanderZwaag, president of maintenance and technical consulting firm Techni-Com Inc. and Ontario Trucking Association official to its industry advisory board.

VanderZwaag is the author or editor of numerous truck-related curricula used in apprenticeship training in Ontario; as well as four books for truck operators, and executive producer of four video productions on safe truck operations, including one for the general public on “Sharing the Road with Trucks”.

He has appeared as an expert witness on numerous occasions before the Ontario Court of Justice, the Ministry of Labour Arbitration, and the Ontario Appeal Court over the past decade.

Currently, VanderZwaag is Co-Chair of the Air Brake Endorsement Revision Committee for the Province of Ontario as well as Chair of the Commercial Vehicle Wheel Service Redevelopment Committee.

“We are pleased to have Canada’s leading expert on commercial vehicle air brakes join Spectra’s advisory board. Such an appointment further demonstrates our commitment to enhancing public safety while recognizing the needs of the transportation industry,” said Andrew Malion, Chairman of Spectra Inc.

“Given that brake systems remain one of the trucking industry’s greatest compliance challenges, efforts in this area are very important for continuing to improve the industry’s safety record,” Rolf VanderZwaag said, “I have looked at Spectra’s Brake Safe and Brake Inspector devices and believe that they make a significant contribution to safer and more productive truck operations.”

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