Phillips Connect Technologies expands smart trailer tech

Phillips Connect Technologies (PCT) has expanded its smart trailer capabilities, launching TrailerNet Gateway, ChassisNet Gateway, and ContainerNet Gateway.

It has also unveiled EZTrac and AssetTrac. EZTrac is a GPS tracker integrated into a plug-and-play harness piece. AssetTrac is a battery-based asset tracker with an internal motion sensor, which can report on motion. Batteries last up to five years with one report per day, or three years with a report on movement, PCT officials say.

TrailerNet Gateway, with wired or wireless communication from trailer components, can now be had in GPS or Plus packages — featuring GPS, geofencing, trailer mileage, and seven-way voltage reporting. It can accommodate up to nine additional sensors, such as door and cargo sensors. TrailerNet generates reports when the trailer is not connected to a power unit, and uses ultrasonic sensors to determine if a trailer is loaded.

ChassisNet Gateway is also available in GPS, Plus, and also Pro packages. The Plus package offers options to add seven compatible sensors and the Pro package, eight. ChassisNet can send fleet managers reports on everything from brakes to lights, tires, locations, and loaded condition.

ContainerNet Gateway is available in GPS and Plus packages. The Plus package offers options to add four compatible sensors, such as door and cargo sensors. ContainerNet itself detects if containers are loaded and whether doors are opened or closed.

The AssetTrac GPS can be mounted in five minutes on a loaded or unloaded trailer. And EZTrac GPS is a hidden GPS tracker, which can be installed with no tools in about two minutes.

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