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Potential retail sales tax refund

WINNIPEG, Man. -- The Manitoba Trucking Association (MTA) has learned the province's many carriers may be eligible...

WINNIPEG, Man. — The Manitoba Trucking Association (MTA) has learned the province’s many carriers may be eligible for a Manitoba Retail Sales Tax refund.

Bob Dolyniuk, general manager of the MTA, explains that companies not registered under the Inter-provincial Sales Tax Agreement (ISTA) prior to Mar. 1, while operating extra-provincially may be eligible for a refund under Section 16.5 of the Retail Sales Tax Regulations.

He is quick to point out that unfortunately, brokers are not eligible for this windfall.

“Carriers that fit this criteria may have a refund due on tax paid to Manitoba on trailers, repair parts, trailer leases, etc.,” says Dolyniuk, stressing it applies only, “if all retail sales tax was paid to Manitoba only on these items.”

Under Manitoba regulations, these refunds are subject to a two-year limitation. To apply for the refund, contact Susan James, with specialized refunds in the Manitoba Department of Finance. She can be reached at 204-945-2337.

She will explain how to make the proper application and which supporting documents are required to accompany the refund form.

“As Manitoba has entered IRP on Mar. 1,” adds Dolyniuk, “every day the application is not submitted, will reduce the amount eligible for refund.”

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